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The Boy Standing by the Crematory

During the World War II, on August 6, 1945, B-29 plane piloted by Paul W. Tibbets released a uranium atomic bomb dubbed “Little Boy” on Hiroshima, Japan. In minutes, half of the city disappeared along with more than 60,000 people killed, 140,000 injured and more became homeless. Three days after, …

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The Himuro Mansion and its Dark History

Himuro mansion

The Himuro Mansion (or Himikyru Mansion) is known to have the darkest history in the entire Japan. The exact location of the mansion is not identified but legends say it is located at a rocky region outside Tokyo. The Himuro Mansion is well-known spot of abysmal rites performed by Himuro …

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Officials Launch Probe Over Incidents in ‘Suicide’ Village

Man crossing bridge

Officials in small rural village of Badi, district of Khargone in Madhya Pradesh state in India are launching full investigations over high suicide rates in the last two decades. The youngest, according to authorities who attempted to take his own life was 11 years old. Village official Ashok Verma has …

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She was Thrown into a Parallel Universe

Paralle Universe

Hugh Everett III in 1954 introduced the concept of parallel universe. The idea is supported by many scientists who studied the quantum physics. These experts suggested that the universe is just one of the many number of worlds. Parallel universe is almost identical but very different.   Lerina García, 41 year …

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Disturbing Call in the Life of a 911 Operator

child crying and asking for help

911 operators are professionally trained to receive emergency communications and to dispatch services. The job entails the ability to work under stressful situations by staying composed. But in the life of a 911 operator, disturbing call is inescapable. Worst Thing I Ever Heard I have had people ask me many times …

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Pontianak: The Vengeful Spirit of a Woman


The incident happened on a Malay couple with their baby as they were driving along the expressway on a late night. As they got into the tunnel, their car broke down. He got off the car, opened up the engine and apparently was doing something there. The wife just waited in the …

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