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The Bizarre Case of Dog Suicides

Behind its romantic setting, Overtoun Bridge near Dumbarton, Scotland is infamous as  spot not for broken hearted people but for dogs. The dog suicides are committed by jumping from the bridge dubbed Dog’s Suicide Bridge. According to locals, there were 600 dogs who dived to their deaths for the past …

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Suicide Song: Gloomy Sunday

With over 100 suicides linked to this song, Gloomy Sunday by composer Rezso Seress was tagged as the Hungarian Suicide Song. Seress, 34-year-old struggling songwriter composed the song titled Vége a világnak (The world is ending) in 1933 while staring at the rain in Paris. Poet Laszlo Javor wrote his …

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The Disturbing Wave of Suicides in Bridgend

teen suicides

Elaine Beecham received the news she dreaded to hear: his son committed suicide. He was one of those who took their own lives in a small town in South Wales. Bridgend is haunted by disturbing wave of teen suicides. According to Elaine, 20-year-old Justin showed drastic change in his personality. …

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Famous Suicide Spots in the World

Suicide is one of the leading cause of deaths for all ages. The major factor of committing suicide is depression and hopelessness. There are many help lines and groups committed to save people from committing self-murder. However, there are also places around the world considered as suicide magnets.   NANJING …

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Officials Launch Probe Over Incidents in ‘Suicide’ Village

Man crossing bridge

Officials in small rural village of Badi, district of Khargone in Madhya Pradesh state in India are launching full investigations over high suicide rates in the last two decades. The youngest, according to authorities who attempted to take his own life was 11 years old. Village official Ashok Verma has …

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