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Jeffrey MacDonald Murder Case: 47 Years of Battle

Forty-seven years ago, a gruesome murder of Jeffrey MacDonald’s wife and children shocked America. The murder case rendered doubts on the participation or innocence of the Green Beret surgeon. The Jeffrey MacDonald murder case is the longest-running criminal case in US history.   The Murder In the early morning of …

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Amarjeet Sada: India’s Youngest Serial Killer

“I killed by beating her with a brick,” Amarjeet Sada told police and he continued telling the gruesome account of how he committed the murder.   When the police questioned him why, Amarjeet (sometimes Amardeep) only smiled and asked for biscuits. Amarjeet was only eight years old but the young …

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Mother Kills Her Daughters on Diminished Responsibility

A 24-year-old mother denied murdering her children but admits killing them on the grounds of diminished responsibility. Reports stated how Samira Lupidi confessed to the court how she killed her two daughters so that her ex-boyfriend could not see them. She blamed him for killing them. She admitted to the …

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