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Creepy Footage of Ghost in Haunted Hospital

An eerie footage of ghost in a haunted hospital scared the netizens. The clip showed an empty hospital hallway said to be in Honduras. Suddenly, a shadowed figure emerged and seemed to gawk at the person taking the video. Creep out, the person filming backed through the door when the hooded spirit headed towards him. …

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Poltergeist Caught on Cam


A poltergeist was caught on camera. A disturbing footage circulated the internet taken from the inside of a haunted morgue in Nopetown, Brazil. The video clip showed a hallway with flickering lights and a red door slamming on its own. The video was taken by a security officer who checked …

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Pennhurst Asylum: Hell on Earth

Pennhurst Asylum opened in 1908 with good intentions. It was a home to mentally and physically challenged children located in Spring City, Pennsylvania. But along the way, the mental institution became a hell on Earth. The institution was first built as a school for patients with special needs. Formerly called …

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