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Restless Souls Haunt Village

restless souls

Restless souls haunt the residents of Sitio Libo, Barangay Tayud, Consolacion town in the Philippines. Villagers would shut the doors and windows of their homes. Women stopped washing clothes at the nearby water well while men no longer loiter for late-night gatherings. Residents reported a horrifying sight of a faceless …

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Urban Explorers Capture Ghost on Cam

A group of Urban Explorers unknowingly captured a ghost with their camera as they explored an abandoned house. Facebook User Prince Catalan shared their video showing their exploration around a derelict private property. According to Prince, as they asked permission from the neighbor for their urbex,  the neighbor warned them of paranormal activities …

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Face to Face with Creepy Dolls

Childhood would be incomplete without toys and dolls. But in some instances, toys, dolls particularly are bringer of bad news. Here are five stories of creepy dolls experiences shared by Reddit Users. When I was younger, about 10-12 years, I remember my mom had two Minnie and Mickey Mouse toys. …

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Soldiers Share Paranormal Encounters

Known to be brave but soldiers are not spared from paranormal experiences. Here are stories shared by military men on how they come across grey people, girl in the red coat, boy and his grandma, and the Tekong ghosts.   GREYS IN THE CONGO I was in Africa (Congo) during the …

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