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Cyclopia: Rare Cases of One-Eye Baby

Cyclopia is a rare birth defect characterized by one eye on the forehead of the baby.  This happen when the embryonic forebrain failed to divide into two orbital cavities for the eyeballs. The failure creates a one-eyed baby.  The condition occurs four times in a thousand birth in humans. In most …

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When Animal Ghosts Come Back

When pet died, pet owners experienced sightings of animal ghosts that seem to continue their routine while alive. Owners would hear familiar sounds, feel their presence or see imprint on where they sleep. Here are accounts shared by pet owners on their encounters of their pets’ ghosts. ANIMAL SPIRITS I …

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Villagers in India Worshipping Two-Headed Calf

As cow plays a consecrated part in Hindu traditions, villagers in Pannuganj village, in Uttar Pradesh, northern India have been gathering to revere the newborn two-headed calf. According to the 47-year-old farmer Dharam Veer Singh, many people are visiting his farm to offer prayers and gifts to the “holy cow.” …

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