Child Angels dolls believed to bring good luck and protect them from harm

epa05124212 A picture made available on 25 January 2016 shows Thai devotee Ratchada Mahanavanont, 45, cradling her Child Angels Dolls at her house in Bangkok, Thailand, 24 January 2016. The new superstitious trend among Thai people involves carrying, talking and caring for factory-manufactured dolls (called ‘Look Thep’ in Thai). They believe the dolls hold children’s spirits which bring good luck, wealth, blessing and protection from harm. Child Angels dolls owners worship and treat them as human infants by cradling, feeding and dressing up them up. Dolls cost from 2,000 Thai baht (55.65 US dollar or 51.47 euro) to 20,000 Thai baht (556.5 US dollar or 514.84 euro). The trend has even prompted Thai Smile Air to allow passengers to buy tickets for their Child Angels dolls, agreeing to serve them onboard drinks and food and several restaurants in Bangkok have announced they will serve children’s meals to the dolls. EPA/RUNGROJ YONGRIT

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