Hallow’en: Celtics Celebration of Death


Halloween originated 2,000 years ago as a Celtic Festival called Samhain. The Pagan priests called Druids designed the Samhain as a celebration of death and hell. The Druids observed two special nights of the year – Beltane on May 1 and Samhain on November 1. Beltane marked the birth of …

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Angel Sightings Caught on Tape

angel sightings

Angel sightings have been accounted even in today’s modern times. The Bible described angels as spiritual beings of heavenly residence, employed by God as ministers of His will. The term comes from angelos which means messenger. Here is a video compilation of accounts of angel sightings in different parts of the …

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Mass Suicide: A Religious Act?

mass suicide

Mass suicide is instantaneous suicide of all members of a social group. Some of the mass suicides that have been recorded are religious acts. JONESTOWN Jonestown was a settlement in Guyana, South America. The settlement was founded by Peoples Temple cult leader Jim Jones as a promise to his members …

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Possessions and the Horrifying Demons

Since ancient times many people believed that horrifying demons can take over a person’s body. These horrifying demons are called evil spirits, devils and unclean spirits. Anyone who came under their power was is a demoniac, and the state is identified as demonic possession.  Here are the horrifying demons who can take any …

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The Black Mass: Summoning Satan in Veracruz

Black Mass is the highlight of the Congreso Nacional de Brujos de Catemaco, a festival with shamans, sorcerers, healers, herbalists, Satan worshipers and spectators in attendance. Worshipers congregate every March in the Mexican state of Veracruz to attend and participate the Black Mass. Gonzalo Aguirre Pech, known as Brujo Mayor …

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