Siquijor Sorcerer Brings Paper Dolls to Dance

siquijor sorcerer

Siquijor in the Philippines is known as “an island of witchcraft and the unknown.” A strange psychic phenomenon witnessed by many is the dancing paper doll. Philippine Journalist Jaime Licauco wrote his experience watching a Siquijor sorcerer brought the paper dolls to dance. Licauco shared: A strange psychic phenomenon we …

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Close Encounter with the Greys

The Greys are said to be the frequent visitors of Earth. Most cases of alien encounters and abductions pointed out to the description of the Greys.  The Greys originated from Zeta Reticuli, as reported. Zeta Reticuli is a wide binary star system in the southern constellation of Reticulum. From the …

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Intriguing Accounts of Mysterious Disappearance

Mysterious disappearance is the physical disappearance of people or other objects without explanation. Here are intriguing accounts of mysterious disappearances. Owen Parfitt Owen Parfitt was a wild boy during his teenage years. He was the son of a well-known tailor in Shepton Mallet, England. Stories circulated that while fought in war, …

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Is Elsie a Member of “Star People”?

A website Phantoms and Monsters posted an account from a woman named Elsie. According to the site, they contacted the woman and her family members. They are convinced that Elsie is a member of Star People. Star people are humans who spend a lifetime in another planet before entering our …

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Suicide Song: Gloomy Sunday

With over 100 suicides linked to this song, Gloomy Sunday by composer Rezso Seress was tagged as the Hungarian Suicide Song. Seress, 34-year-old struggling songwriter composed the song titled Vége a világnak (The world is ending) in 1933 while staring at the rain in Paris. Poet Laszlo Javor wrote his …

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Peculiarities of the Sargasso Sea

The strangeness of the Sargasso Sea is older than that of Bermuda Triangle. The sea measuring 700 miles wide and 2000 miles long  located in North Atlantic. It is the only sea without a land boundary. Ocean currents confined the Sargasso Sea on all sides – the Gulf Stream Current, …

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The Disturbing Wave of Suicides in Bridgend

teen suicides

Elaine Beecham received the news she dreaded to hear: his son committed suicide. He was one of those who took their own lives in a small town in South Wales. Bridgend is haunted by disturbing wave of teen suicides. According to Elaine, 20-year-old Justin showed drastic change in his personality. …

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