The Ladies of Haunted Hotels

A White Lady accompanies  local legend of tragedy. Some of these ladies frequented haunted hotels and make their presence known. The White Lady of Chico Hot Springs Lodge & Ranch Established in 1900, the historic Chico Hot Springs is located in in Paradise Valley. Between the mountains and the hot …

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Haunted Mining Towns of Chile

In the Chilean desert, two abandoned mining towns earned their reputation as two of the scary sides of earth. Local residents refused to step inside La Noria and Humberstone as paranormal activities happened inside the haunted mining towns.   Humberstone in the Atacama Desert was named after James Humberstone, a …

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Scary Selfie

An innocent group selfie of students turned out to be scary.  A group of students from one of the schools in Cotabato City, Philippines playfully took a group selfie while waiting for their instructor. Nothing unusual happened, not until they looked at their pictures. One picture scared their wits as …

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Spirit Lover: Succubus


A succubus is a female demon in a beautiful human form who seduced men and engaged them in sexual intercourse. The succubus usually appear in dreams. According to folklore, the first succubus was Lilith, the first wife of Adam. She left Adam and refused to return to the Garden of …

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