The Murdered Nun of St. Agnes Convent

Aside from being one of the oldest spots in Europe, St. Agnes Convent earned its reputation as one among the haunted on Earth.

St. Agnes of Bohemia, sister of King Wenceslas I, founded the Convent between 1231 and 1234. The Order of Poor Ladies resided in the nunnery as St. Agnes as the first Lady Superior.  However, during the Hussite War, the nuns left the convent.

St. Agnes Convent
Gothic Hallway of St. Agnes Convent (

The St. Agnes Convent is a complex of two buildings, the convent of the Order of Poor Ladies and the monastery of Franciscans. The first one is the oldest brick building preserved in Prague. The early-Gothic St. Francis Church belongs to the convent. It has a Gothic window, which is the oldest one in the Central Europe. The dome of the church collapsed in the past, so it was covered with a new roof. The hall was restored and there are concerts held there nowadays.

The Convent housed the ghost of the Murdered Nun. She appears to be quite moody, one evening she might be covered in blood and weeping bitterly and other evenings one may find her smiling tenderly at unhappy lovers.

St. Agnes Convent
Memorial tomb St. Agnes (TripAdvisor)

According to stories, the nun was the child of a wealthy nobleman. She fell in love with a poor knight to the disappointment of her father. The father refused to give his consent for the marriage and sent her to St. Agnes Convent. The night before her transfer to the convent, she met with her beloved. Her father knew of the meeting and in rage, he stabbed her daughter to death.

People say a murdered nun still haunts the place, and can appear in front of visitors. Sometimes she smiles softly but often she is crying and covered in blood.


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