Haunted Road: Gravity Hill Richfield, NC USA

Located on Richfield Road near Bringle Ferry Road, Gravity Hill is easily spotted by the graffiti painted by local teenagers. The beginning and ending are also marked by lines across the road.

While some non-believers say Gravity Hill is simply an illusion, others adamantly defend the legend and the tragic story of Gravity Hill.

It’s said that one night on Richfield Road, a young mother and her child were driving and her car stalled. As she got out and attempted to push the car up the hill, a truck came along, hit, and instantly killed both mother and child.

Today, put your car in neutral at the bottom, and you will be pushed up the hill. Also, if you put baby powder on your hood, you will see handprints when you get to the top.


gravity hill
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Here are the thoughts shared by our FB friends:


I’ve been here many times growing up. We always took baby powder with us so we could see the handprints. We had taken one of my aunt’s friends and he tried to explain why the car moved in a scientific way but he could explain the handprints.

The story I was always told was there were 2 high school students going home from prom when they got a flat tire. The male had the car jacked and was taking the tire off but something went under the car, when he went to grab it the car came off the Jack and started rolling forward. The girl got in front of the car to try and stop it and it ended up rolling over and killing both of them. So the couple stay there to help anyone get to the top of the hill so no-one else dies. — Cece Loflin


We have a place in Lexington ND. Toward high rock lake. I’ve did it many years ago. You are really going down hill. But the hand prints not sure about. We made sure no prints were on the car before we tried it. We watched as the powder went on after five mins. No prints so we all get in the car drive to the spot. Car did roll and yes the hand prints where there. Didn’t match any of us that part is still creepy. – Donna Trotter


I’ve been there to and yes it works .. Is the car going up hill?? Down hill??? You decide .. But go late in the afternoon park you car and walk back in the woods to the house she lived in… Let’s see “anyone” explain that Creepy…. I to believe Something did happen on that property and not a believer of Ghost… But weird stuff happened that could not be explained to us…. You be the judge… If you dare… — Brenda JoAnn York Everhart


People say if you sprinkle flour or powder on the bumper you see fingerprints but the prints are the oil and residue off your fingers. I’ve been numerous times and my vehicles moved everytime and never at the same speed I’ve always wondered what really moves your truck is it a illusion or what but anyway if you’ve never been try it for yourself and you be the judge. If it’s at night just make sure your 4 ways are on and be safe. — Eric Mowbray


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