Restless Souls Haunt Village

Restless souls haunt the residents of Sitio Libo, Barangay Tayud, Consolacion town in the Philippines.

Villagers would shut the doors and windows of their homes. Women stopped washing clothes at the nearby water well while men no longer loiter for late-night gatherings.

Residents reported a horrifying sight of a faceless woman near the water well. Some told about the eerie sound of hard objects banging on the walls of a nearby shanty. The shanty witnessed a gruesome murder last October 8, 2017.

restless souls
(c. Cebu Daily News)

On that fateful day, 27-year old Dominic Pahugot beheaded his live-in partner Jane Quiño, 24 after a heated argument. Responding policemen shot Pahugot dead. They later found Jane’s headless body near the dirty kitchen while they recovered the head a few meters away from the house.

The slain couple left behind three children ages 5, 4 and 2, and a five-month-old baby.

Dominic’s grandmother, Sergia, said that ever since the couple’s deaths, “weird things” started to happen in the three-room shanty which she shared with several members of the Pahugot family.

Sergia narrated that while sleeping in the couple’s room, she would hear the sound of hard objects as if thrown to the wall.

“There were things thrown to the wall. I suspect that was Dominic,” she said in her dialect in an interview with the local media. The loud sounds would disrupt her sleep, but they weren’t enough to scare her.

Dominic’s mother, Angelica, 49, said that even their neighbors had also been hearing sounds coming from the couple’s room.

Furthermore, Angelica narrated that she saw a faceless woman standing near the well. Jane worked as a laundrywoman before her death.

Sergia believes that the restless spirits would linger longer on earth because of their sudden death. His soul will not rest easily because he committed so many bad things,” she added.

Out of fear, the villagers and the family of Dominic and Jane offered Mass for the restless spirits. They hope that the hauntings would stop as they pray that the two would finally rest in peace.


Source: Cebu Daily News

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