The Ladies of Haunted Hotels

A White Lady accompanies  local legend of tragedy. Some of these ladies frequented haunted hotels and make their presence known.

haunted hotels
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The White Lady of Chico Hot Springs Lodge & Ranch

Established in 1900, the historic Chico Hot Springs is located in in Paradise Valley. Between the mountains and the hot springs, you can’t ask for a more beautiful lodging.

Room 349 – The Lady in White is the most well-known spirit here. She makes appearances, floating around and scaring guests for as long as anyone can remember. She’s been spotted near the piano on the third floor on more than one occasion.

haunted hotels
Chico Hot Springs Lodge & Ranch (

The Pink Lady of Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa

The Grove Park Inn was opened in 1913 with a speech from American politician and Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan. He would say it “was built for the ages.” The inn has attracted many notable visitors over the years. From Harry Houdini to F. Scott Fitzgerald to Barack Obama.

So popular in fact, a woman continues to visit even after her death. That woman would be The Pink Lady. Ever since a young woman fell to her death from the fifth floor balcony, a kind and pleasant spirit has been seen roaming the halls.

The Blue Lady of the Seelbach Hilton Hotel

Founded by Bavarian immigrant brothers, Otto and Louis Seelbach, The Seelbach Hilton Hotel in Louisville was opened in 1905. The hotel European style hotel was quickly considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the country.

It begins with the story of Patricia Wilson. She moved to Louisville in 1936 and had plans to meet her estranged husband to hopefully repair their marriage. Unfortunately, he did not show up because he died in a car crash. Patricia was devastated. A few days later, she was found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft at the Seelbach Hotel. Whether it was suicide, an accident, or even a murder, she now haunts the hotel as The Blue Lady.

Between her and the other ghosts, many guests report phantom footsteps, random pockets of cold temperatures, and mysterious perfume smells throughout the hotel. As for The Blue Lady, she is usually found on the 8th floor.

The Lady in White of The Flanders Hotel

The hotel was built in 1923 and was named after the Flanders Fields in Belgium. The hotel was popular among mobsters from various nearby cities. They would regularly meet at the hotel for business meetings.

Now its home to the Lady in White. Possibly known as Emily in a previous life, the story is she waited for her boyfriend while he fought in WWI. He never returned. Now the Lady in White roams the halls in her bare feet and long brown hair. Quite playful, she will randomly lock doors behind you, loosen light bulbs, and appear then vanish through walls in an instant.

haunted hotels
Buxton Inn (Ghost Rooms)

The Lady in Blue of Buxton Inn

Home to one of the most haunted places in Ohio, the Buxton Inn is a worth a night’s stay if you’re looking for the real ghost hunting experience.

Bonnie Bounell was a former innkeeper. Her old room is now room 9 and she can be frequently be seen in her old residence, dressed in blue. So she’s now known as the Lady in Blue.

Dining Room – The Buxton Inn was named Major Horton Buxton, a former owner in the late 1800s. He can be found throughout the hotel but there’s a good chance he can be spotted in the dining room.

And don’t forget Bonnie’s cat, Major. If you feel a cat jump on your bed, or catch a whiff of an old woman’s perfume cross your nostrils, then you’ve just met the residential ghost cat.

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