Life in a Haunted House

Here are stories shared through Reddit how creepy it is to live in a haunted house.


I lived in a house with 4 girls and 4 animals. One night I happened to have the house to myself, which was fabulous because I had a paper to write. So I’m in my bed with my laptop and I hear a scratch at the door. It’s the dog Mikko and he’s shaking and whining. As soon as I open the door, the two cats Ralph and Beaner, streak in behind him and jump on my bed. I squeeze in between all of them and I resume my studying.

Suddenly, Ralph’s hair stands on end and Mikko starts to whine. Beaner’s claws are digging into my legs as soon as I hear footsteps upstairs in the hallway. It’s a pretty short hallway, probably about 20 feet, but the footsteps keep walking, and walking, and walking past where the outer wall of the house into the next door neighbor’s house. Mikko starts growling when the footsteps turn around and I hear them SPRINTING back in our direction and then a door SLAMS shut. By this point my heart is racing and Mikko is barking up a storm so I grab a baseball bat and walk upstairs. Nobody was home but me and the animals. – pooveyfarms

haunted house
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I did not believe in ghosts. Sure, I was entertained by the notion, but anyone who came out and stated that they believed in ghosts, I dismissed as New Age hippies or whatever.

And then I lived in a haunted house. It started out as little things. The bathroom door would open violently if anyone ever closed the latch, so often that we came to count on it.

I asked my roommate if he ever noticed a red light in the spare bedroom (as I always did) when walking up the stairs in the dark. He did. I’d always go in the spare room to investigate, but could never find the source of the light. These things, I could explain away.

Then weirder things started to happen. One night, I was sitting in the living room with my GF and my roommate, when I noticed the shape of a woman’s face appear /in the pane of glass/ of the window in the other room. We all witnessed this. Even then, I tried to explain it away as a trick of the light.

What finally convinced me that something was happening was one time when I was brushing my teeth, something tugged insistently on my sleeve, and I’m 100% sure that I didn’t catch it on anything (I was in the middle of the bathroom). Have you ever been fishing? It was like a fish was nibbling on the line, except on my t-shirt sleeve. That freaked me out.

Still, stranger things happened. We’d hear footsteps upstairs while home alone. I often saw shadows out of the corner of my eye – one time, I even saw a shadow while looking right at it, /in the middle of the room/ – not up against a wall (I moved around to make sure) – for 5 minutes or so.

Twice, while heading up the stairs to my room for bed, I heard a woman’s voice say “goodnight” to me, over my shoulder.

The strangest thing that happened was New Year’s Eve, 3 years ago. My roommate and I were hosting a party, and waiting for people to show up, sitting in the living room. Suddenly, I felt something brush against my arm, and the light bulb in the lamp I was sitting beside /exploded/.

There were a few other things that happened, and some I’m forgetting, I’m sure, but the fact is that too many strange things happened for it to be a coincidence. I have since moved out of the house, but the belief remains – something’s strange was happening there. — Ty_Guy_42


My grandmother died in the house I live in right now. I’m pretty sure she hangs out with us every once in a while.

One time my mom was doing a general cleanup of the house and fell asleep at 7 pm. I was the only one awake at that time. I heard furniture moving and lights going on and off. The next day I noticed all the broken clocks we had were set to 4:13. My mom didn’t do it. I didn’t do it either. My mom and I were the only people at that time.

Another time I was browsing through some 4chan porn thread and I saw eyes staring at me. My grandmother was short. The eyes were glowing red and 8 and half a foot above the ground. I just realized this now.  – HasAnyoneSeenMyBaby


haunted house
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I use to live in a very old house built in the late 1800’s.

Upstairs was my room. It was the biggest room in the house but you had to walk through my room to get to the other rooms. After you walk through my room there’s a small hallway which split off into two separate rooms. No one was up there with me at that time. In the hallway I heard someone walking because the floor would creek at times. I stood up to look but I didn’t see anything. A few minutes later I heard again and stood there watching. I could actually see the floor boards move as if someone was stepping on them.

Later that day my grandfather came over and he slept in the room down the hall. He woke up in the middle of the night and came to my room to wake me up. Grandpa told me the dresser in the room lifted up and came back down. I went with him to the room and looked and we figured out it was one of the floor panels in the hall way, when you step on it the dresser would move. Well everyone was asleep that night, so whoever it was I heard earlier and saw the floor boards move, was walking the hall again that night.

Again in my room, one night I was lying in bed, had the lights off and the hall light was on. This way I could see to go downstairs to use the bathroom. As I’m lying there I felt something at the foot of my bed, when I looked there was a dark shadow. Now the room is already dark but it was lit dimly from the hallway light, but this part at the foot of my bed roughly the size of a person was standing there and I felt like I was being watched. After what seemed like 5 minutes, it started to fade away. Before it was fully gone I heard something barely whisper my name, Christopher. Freaked me out yet again I turned my light on but saw nothing. — thereaper84


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