The Bodyless Dog

Experiments in the Revival of Organisms is a controversial motion picture about a bodyless dog kept alive by the scientists of the Soviet Union.

The film presented a supposedly successful trials in the resuscitation of life to dead animals by the Soviet Union’s scientists in the 1940s.

The film opened with the introduction of British scientist J. B. S. Haldane on the procedures carried out in the experiments. Haldane, a longtime Marxist, world-class scientist and science popularizer, talked about the heart outside the dog’s body and a lung in a tray oxygenizing blood. The show further explained how a lung and heart machine retained the dog’s head alive.

The experiment was said to be conducted by Dr. S.S. Bryukhonenko at the Institute of Experimental Physiology and Therapy, Voronezh, U.S.S.R.

Ken Freedman shared his views saying that the film seemed to be a part of World War Two era Soviet propaganda. “Confirming the movie’s actuality is a November 14, 1943 New York Times report of its showing by the American-Soviet (or Soviet-American) Medical Society at the congress of the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship. The article describes much that was in the film and offers commentary,” Freedman wrote.



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