Horrible Video of Live Eel Pulled from Man’s Body

A horrible video of surgeons in China pulling out a half-meter eel from the stomach of a 49-year old man shocked the netizens. The eel wriggled as it was extracted.

horrible video
Half-meter eel extracted from a patient’s stomach (The Daily Mail).

The patient from Guangzhou sought the help of doctors when he suffered from stomach pain. Reports said that the man had inflated stomach. The doctors then put him under surgical treatment.

The clip showed the doctors pulling out the half-meter slippery fish out of the patient’s body with head as large as pingpong ball. As the surgeon held the end of the eel with surgical forceps, the animal wiggled telling it was still alive.

Doctors said the animal wreak havoc in his intestines and then punctured his pancreas.

Eels have pointed jaws and sharp teeth and slender body. The fish is easily available in every market in China.

The patient claimed the eel swam up inside him but later admitted that he inserted it to his anus to relieve his constipation. He said eel is a folk remedy for such condition.

In 2013, a hospital in Guangdong province surgically took out an eel from a man who inserted it to himself for sexual gratification. A woman was also reported to be hospitalized for the same reason.

Source: The Sun  The Daily Mail


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