Unexplained Experiences: Glitch in the Matrix

A glitch in the matrix is defined by Urban Dictionary as an explanation for an unlikely or irregular occurrence. From the 1999 film The Matrix, it refers to a human experiencing déjà vu as caused by the Machines altering the Matrix.

Here are stories of people who experience a glitch in the matrix shared through Reddit.

A human experiencing déjà vu as caused by the Machines altering the Matrix (Computer Hoy)

The Arcade

I once went to a restaurant with my dad when I was in the 1st grade.

When we entered we passed an arcade room and I saw lots of kids playing games in there. It made the typical arcade sounds. I told my dad I wanted to go to the arcade but he told me only adults could go there and pointed at something that looked like a poker machine by the bar. I kept begging him while we were eating to let me go to the arcade but he refused each time.

Finally we left and when I walked by the area where the arcade was there was just a blank wall. – Rydan


One Hour

Ten years ago I was returning home from a road trip with two friends. I received a phone call from my parents asking when we would be arriving, and I explained that we were about 25 minutes away.

About a minute later we came around a bend; it was a full moon and we could see the reflection from a lake below us and other than that the road was completely empty.

Suddenly everything went completely dark in the car, no lights from the dash or gauges or headlights on the road. The music also stopped, and re-started at the beginning of the cd we were listening to. There was now a vehicle pulled over by the police about 1/4 mile in front of us that hadn’t been there a spilt second before.

I assumed I had dozed off for just a second as it was late. I thought it was still quite peculiar, though. After about a minute, the driver of the car tuned the music all the way down and said “did that just happen to anyone else?” The other passenger in the back seat sat forward abruptly and exclaimed “I thought I just fell asleep…”

We then realized that the clock in the car was reading an hour later than it just had a minute before. To keep ourselves from freaking out we decided that the car had possibly had a momentary electrical failure and reset the clock to an odd time, turned off the dash lights, headlights, and gauges, and restarted the CD player.

But when we arrived home 25 minutes later, we were one hour late. I am missing an hour of my life, and to this day have no idea how it happened. – Musicalmoses

The doctor took control (slate.com)


So I’ll give the condensed version of this but I’m currently 33 years old and living in the UK.

I have two sisters, one older and one younger. My older sister was born breached and my mother had to have a C-section and so was my little sister. I was born the right way around but the tradeoff was I died during delivery.

In 1983 when my mother was heavily pregnant with me she awoke in the middle of the night by my older sister who needed a drink of water. When mom was about to get up she noticed the bed felt wet and upon further investigation she saw a horrific sight. The bed was drenched in blood.

When arriving at the hospital doctors told my father that the bag that carries the baby and usually comes out after had detached and come out before me. So in effect… I was drowning in the womb.

My mum pushed when instructed and I was pulled out by one of the doctors. Completely blue and quiet. My dad says that there was blood everywhere, in my eyes, nose… everywhere.

A nurse present took me to a side table away from my father and said there was no heartbeat and called for another doctor. My dad overheard a responding nurse say that a certain doctor was off duty and called in someone else.

The man in a white coat who arrived at the door had a name badge donning my family surname. My dad was taken back because our family name is quite rare. Only a small number of us lived in the UK according to the census and being a small town it would have been hard for this guy to exist and for us not to know of him.

He took control immediately and started cleaning my airways and after what felt like eternity to my father and too much relief of the nurses a cry was heard. Dad says the color change was almost instant from blue to pink. I was passed to my father as doctors were now concerned with my mother. She’d lost a lot of blood and as it turns out me and my mother have a very rare blood type. Rh O Negative. Turns out this had something to do with why her body started “rejecting me” a month early.

The doctor who got my heart going approached my father and asked what he was going to name me. My Dad said “Gareth”. The doctor looked at the board at my mother’s bed and said “Gareth…*****s?” and my dad nodded. The doctor smiled again and said “That’s my name”.

The doctor left the room and was gone. The next morning while my mother held me my father asked a nurse if they could speak to the doctor again as they wished to thank him. But sadly nobody could track this guy down. He had signed in as “relief” and didn’t sign out. – GAZArts


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