Homes Attack by Poltergeists

Poltergeist is a German word that means noisy ghost. The word comes from the German term poltern, to knock, and geist, which means spirit.

Poltergeist manifest itself through moving of objects, physical attacks, spontaneous combustion, etc. However, experts associate poltergeists with psychokinesis, the ability to move things by power of the mind alone.

Poltergeist manifest itself through moving of objects and physical attacks (Lantern Ghost Tour News)

Haunted House

I experienced something as a child. My mom and I shared a room.

We would lock the door but you could hear footsteps walking around. It didn’t seem like guests as it would throw tantrums when people were over. It would throw everything out of kitchen cupboards, throw things across rooms, shake beds, break mirrors turn on taps etc.

I still remember waking up to lights glowing even though the power was off, and my musical doll starting up at 3am playing rain drops keep falling on my head. It would turn radios on and off, call your name, and my cousin Danny 23 at the time said the towels swapped railings in the shower one time.

I always felt there were two things in the house something nice that would calm me and make me feel safe, other times I felt terrified. The family and friends who witnessed events wouldn’t stay over or visit much as it scared them too much.

We moved when I turned 16 and I slept peacefully in my own room and we never had another experience again. I don’t know what it was but our family and friends still talk about their experiences at our house 30 years later. – Mirella


Haunted Bathroom

One lunchtime I arrived home from work to the sound of running water upstairs. Fearing the worst I ran upstairs to find the bath filling with hot and cold water. It was a shocking sight to see, water was overflowing the bath and flooding the floor. This led to some expensive repair bills that I could have down without.

The whole experience did spook me as I live on my own and shower (never bathe) in the morning. There were no signs of an intruder and I even checked with a neighbor to see if she had noticed anyone hanging around.

Anyway, all went quiet for around 8 months until one Sunday evening I heard the sound of something falling to the bathroom floor. My instant reaction was a feeling of – oh no, not in there, I investigated and found my toothbrush, shaver and some soaps scattered along the floor. There were no windows open, no drafts just a very odd feeling that seemed to linger on the landing.

The last weirdness happened just before Christmas. I awoke one early morning to the familiar sound of bath water. This time (thank God) the bath was around half full of hot water which I turned off tightly. On this occasion the bathroom door was open (I always keep doors closed) and the previous feeling of oddness seemed to be coming from the stairs. – GeorgeP

He had placed a Bible and rosary beads in the room (Youtube grab).


Haunted Café

My brother owns a cafe and has started to encounter some really weird stuff.

It started as some noises here and there, footsteps and laughing.

Today, a furniture moved from the usual place. Then, a chair was thrown across the room and he decided to lock up and go home. He asked me to go back later with him. When we arrived, he had placed a Bible and rosary beads in the room where it all happens.

We went in, the crucifix on the beads was turned upside down, the chair was placed on a table with a vase under one leg and a six pointed triangle in a circle was drawn on a table in salt. Finally we entered the kitchen to find 4 knives stuck in the ceiling.

We went to the extreme of getting a priest to the premise to cleanse the whole property. We have a suspicion that it has something to do with a table that he took from someone. They gave him this table for free. – Paluc84


Haunted Apartment

The past two months I have been experiencing some strange stuff in my apartment. Objects disappear constantly; stupid stuff like my baby’s toothpaste, DVDs, candles, sunglasses, etc.

I have things either fall on me or I get injured in some way every day; whether I’m stepping on things that weren’t there two seconds ago, body wash falling on my toes every single shower (and no it’s not wet or close to the edge), getting cut with a knife, the door hitting my elbow, or waking up with headaches and bad nausea.

I’ve never been clumsy person and believe me, I pay close attention to my surroundings. Last month I found my lighter sitting on top of my bathroom light. I ask this thing to leave and it never does!

I’ve seen mostly black images fly past me but they are white sometimes too. Like they don’t even try to be slick and fly past the corner of my eyes like most spirits do. I see them fly right past me in plain view. – DesiHoulihan

Source:  Fortean Times   Psychics   Unexplained Mysteries   The Paranormal Society

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