Face to Face with Creepy Dolls

Childhood would be incomplete without toys and dolls. But in some instances, toys, dolls particularly are bringer of bad news. Here are five stories of creepy dolls experiences shared by Reddit Users.

When I was younger, about 10-12 years, I remember my mom had two Minnie and Mickey Mouse toys. They were as tall as a 5 years old child, so for a toy they were quite big.

A friend of my grandma gave them to my mom, and then she gave them to me. I used to play and sleep with them, but at a time I started noticing weird stuff happening with the toys.

One day, I left Mickey in the bed and Minnie in the living room, so I went to the kitchen because my mom was talking to me. When I came back, Mickey was close to the door of the bedroom, like if he were trying to get out of there. It happened a few times, in different parts of the house.

The toys were moving from one part to another, I always asked my mom if she could’ve moved them, but she said no. So, I don’t know, it’s weird. – Nyongtory

creepy dolls
The doll would turn its head to look at me (South China Morning Post).

You know those cheapie plastic dolls that you can get at craft stores that you can knit or crochet elaborate dresses for? Popular with grannies.

My mom received one of these dolls with a purple and white dress from an elderly neighbor lady not long before the lady passed away.

My mom had a blue armchair in her bedroom and had the doll sitting on it. She always kept the door open.

Every time I would pass her room, the doll would turn its head to look at me. My nephew (who is not much younger than me) experienced the same thing. I had nightmares about that doll, I just hated it. Eventually my mom gave it away and I was beyond relieved. – Twatwaffle83


I hate dolls. The closest toy I had to one was a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Anyways, I had a bay window and my mom put the doll up on the window. I was always terrified of that thing. It just weirded me out.

So while my parents were out of town, my grandma and two cousins were staying with me at my house. We were in my room playing school or something when my grandma told us lunch was ready. So we shuffled out to the kitchen and ate. Not one person left the table during this time.

When we finished, we went back to our room. When we rounded the corner, the doll was laying on the floor in the fucking hallway. My younger cousin started to cry and said he was scared and my older cousin and I took the doll out to the trash and I threw it away immediately.

I don’t know what happened to that thing, and I don’t ever want to know. Another male cousin of mine and I did used to play with a Ouija board when we were younger because we thought it was cool and this was around the time that we had first messed with one. – Rachel_soup


My step grandmother collected dolls. Her entire house was filled with every type of doll you can think of from Barbies to the life sized dolls to the cheap plastic dolls to the really expensive, limited edition series.

They were everywhere, always staring at you. I always used to hate spending the night at her house. Not just because of the fact that the creepy dolls were everywhere, but also because I could swear that I’d hear them murmuring to each other in the dark.

A few times I was pretty sure I saw them walking around in the middle of the night too. My sister saw the same thing. I don’t care if the dolls were friendly or what. – Lyraalluse

creepy dolls
The doll moved from one part of the house to another (WBKR).

When I was a kid I used to live with my grandparents. I have an aunt and uncle who is just 4-5 years older than me and we would be home alone after school.

One time my grandparents were out a little longer, we were watching TV in the living room and out of nowhere heard a little kid talking in one of the guest room.

Back then one of the rooms was never used so we used to play in there. The only toy that was in the guest room was my aunt’s doll, and I can remember the voice clearly asking us to go in there to play with it. My grandpa burned the toy that night at the beach. It was weird how the smoke was purple when he burned it. – NSAseesU


Source:  The Truth is Here   r/Paranormal

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