Soldiers Share Paranormal Encounters

Known to be brave but soldiers are not spared from paranormal experiences. Here are stories shared by military men on how they come across grey people, girl in the red coat, boy and his grandma, and the Tekong ghosts.

soldiers paranormal encounters
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I was in Africa (Congo) during the mid-90 with the U.S. military giving support to the US embassy because Zaire was having a rebellion (it became the republic of Congo).

One night I was out by the fence and one of the Marine guards told me in passing they had been watching some weird shit out in the “jungle” area outside our fence line. I borrowed one of their NVGs (Night Vision Goggles) and after looking out there beyond what you could see with the normal light I could see some strange “people” moving around out there. Short, very very skinny with VERY large heads.

One looked our way and the “person” had HUGE eyes (with NVGs everything is green but the light is much magnified so the eyes were easy to see because they reflected light different that the rest of the face”.

They never got any closer so we couldn’t hear them and since it was outside our fence line we didn’t go see who or what they were. Scared the shit out of me that night. — Razorwire_Dave


If you want military ghost stories just ask any military police that’s been around a while. We tend to see really weird crap late at night. Especially around places were there has been a lot of warfare and death. Like in Germany and in old hospitals. In Babenhausen, around the elementary school, there was always this particular area around the rear that would creep me the hell out when I would walk around doing security checks at night. It always seemed as though I was being watched.

In ’99, I found a side door to the school open. I radioed for another unit and backed up several feet to a corner to observe the door. It took 20 to 30 minutes for my backup to arrive. I had a wall to my back and could see down the side of the building to the corner, about 70 or more feet.

I was staring straight ahead and saw a figure appear at the far corner. It didn’t come around the corner or anything. The figure just appeared. It was a young female, 9 to 12 years old, wearing a red jacket or cloak of an old style. Maybe 20’s thru 50’s style. It must have been about 0200 or so. I started forward and told the figure that it was late and she needed to go home. And she just vanished.

I sprinted forward to the corner to see if she had run around the edge. The area was open and I got there less than ten seconds after she disappeared and she was nowhere to be seen. I shined my Surefire around the building and didn’t locate her.

I went back to my position, and when my backup got there they cleared the building. They said they had heard noise in the gym like someone bouncing a basketball but no one was inside. They did find a basketball in the gym though. I told them what I had seen, and my team leader just laughed and said a lot of stuff goes on there at night. —


I can’t confirm if they’ve actually been proven true (except for 3), but some creep me the fuck out.

  1. One week after enlisting, a soldier woke up in the middle of the night to pee. He had almost got out of bed when he heard a ball bouncing outside at the corridor. Fearing a commander prowling around, he quickly huddled back under the blanket and peeked out. What he saw was a small boy and his grandmother slowly moving from bed to bed and peering at the sleeping men.

When they came to his bed, the soldier closed his eyes shut and pretended to be asleep. The boy looked at his grandmother and said: “Grandma, this one’s still awake.”

  1. This actually happens periodically in my camp, though I’m not too sure to whom. Every night, there will be a patrol circling the camp. 2 people per patrol. What happened was that when the patrol was in the guardroom preparing to switch with the next pair, a voice came from the radio, reporting that the patrol had reached checkpoint 3. That’s impossible because the patrol was in the guardroom together with the commander.
  2. This one happened to me personally. My friend and I were prowling at the outskirts of the camp, along the fence that separated us from the forest. As usual, we were discussing about nonsense to pass the time. All of a sudden, I heard someone crying softly from the forest. I attributed it to perhaps some muffled animal cry, but the sobbing was slowly building up with more woman like screams. Creeped me the fuck out and I dragged my buddy out on the pretense of needing to take a dump.
  3. There’s one about a soldier being woken up by his buddy, as per regulation, to accompany him to the washroom. He grumbles expectedly, but follows anyway. About 15 minutes later, he shouts at his buddy to hurry the fuck up. The guy replies back “Not done yet!” So he waits another 10 minutes, shouts again and receives the same response. After another 10, he’s had enough and so he partially climbs up the partition to shout at his face for wasting his time.

What he sees is his buddy, bending over the toilet bowl, slowly consuming the feces left inside. It’s at this moment that his half-awake brain reminds him that his buddy had taken Medical Leave right before lights out that night. Not wanting to antagonize whatever was in there, he lightly says ” err.. I’m going back to bed okay? You’re probably almost done anyway.” To which his “buddy” replies: “You tired? Or do you already know?” – imscaredmommy

soldiers paranormal encounters



I did my BMT in Nee Soon Camp in 1998. I was in Charlie Coy, PL3, on the top floor. One night, in the wee hours of the morning, I got up to go take a pee. So I went to the toilet. It was all bright and empty. I went to the urinal and started to pee. As I was finishing, I suddenly realized that every single tap, including the showers and basins were running. I freaked out, finished my pee and rushed back to my bunk.

I never went to toilet in the wee hours of the night again. If you know the Nee Soon Camp toilets, the taps are push taps. And the toilet was empty when I went in, so go figure. From what I heard, a few years before my batch, there was a recruit from C Coy that committed suicide by jumping off the building from the 3rd fl. Ever since then, there has been weird happenings.

Another story.

This happened to my fellow instructor in Feb 2000. I was a Recce instructor in SMI. And we used to bring our trainees to Tekong to train regularly. My fellow instructor, B, followed one such batch to Tekong. One night, he followed a 4 man team during their recce mission.

The team decided to harbor near the Fibuar village. Where the team commander, another team mate and my instructor were in the vegetation in the middle of a Y junction. And the other two were opp in the bushes along the axis. It was in the wee hours of the morning when B heard the two across the road shouting out to him. He told them to shut up and watch for enemy movement. But the two persisted and he went over to check on them.

B shone a torchlight on their faces and asked them what they were shouting about. Their faces were apparently pale white with fear. The two trainees asked if B saw the white figure crossing the road towards his original position. KNN! B turned back and called the whole team back on the axis.

To cut a long story short, the team had their exercise cut short. And the two who saw the figure had to be counseled. B was damn freaked out too and told me he had trouble sleeping for a few days after that. We also realized that incident happened on a Thursday night. – Chaz


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