Mom Wishes Death for “Snake Girl”

The mother of sixteen-year-old dubbed human snake girl wishes death for her daughter who suffers a rare kind skin disease.    

Devkunwar Yadav says death would be better for her daughter, Shalini. She added ‘It is better to die than living a life of misery.’

Shalini suffered an inflammatory skin disease Erythroderma also called as ‘red man syndrome.’

Erythroderma is the intense and usually widespread reddening of the skin due to inflammatory skin disease. It often precedes or is associated with exfoliation (skin peeling off in scales or layers), when it may also be known as exfoliative dermatitis (ED). Idiopathic erythroderma is sometimes called the ‘red man syndrome’.

snake girl
Shalini Yadav, 16, sheds her skin every six weeks (amebobook).

For sixteen years, Shalini would be in agonizing pain every time her skin peels. She sheds her skin every six weeks when it dries out. According to her the pain is similar to being burned alive.

The doctors recommended to soak her body every hour and apply moisturizer every three hours to prevent from seizing up and flaking off. However, Devkunwar, a care-giver in a state-funded community center said they could not afford the cream. Rajbahadur, her husband and a daily wage worker supports their family of eight.

Rajbahadur said ‘It’s really sad because she was not born normally and has scaly skin all over her body. Her other siblings are growing up with similar complications.

Recently, the school where Shalini attended kicked her out. According to school authorities, she scared other children due to her snake-like appearance thus calling her snake girl.

‘I wanted to study but they threw me out of school as the children would get scared by seeing my face. Everybody in the family is suffering because of my medical condition,” Shalini said.

‘But what is my fault? What sin did I commit to be cursed with such a disease? I want to live. Please help me, if you can,’ the girl pleaded.


Source: Daily Mail   DermNet

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