Close Encounter with the Greys

The Greys are said to be the frequent visitors of Earth. Most cases of alien encounters and abductions pointed out to the description of the Greys. 

The Greys originated from Zeta Reticuli, as reported. Zeta Reticuli is a wide binary star system in the southern constellation of Reticulum. From the southern hemisphere the pair can be seen as a naked eye double star in very dark skies.

The Greys acquired their name based from the color of their skin (youtube grab).

The Greys acquired their name based from the color of their skin. This type of alien stood around three to four feet tall with dark grey skin and stretched hairless body. They lack muscular definition with small openings for ears and nostrils. This aliens are depicted with large bug-like black eyes with no discernible iris or pupil.

Among the reports of alien encounters, the Greys rank near the top. In the US, 43 percent of reports describe the Greys while 90 percent of reported cases in Canada include this alien.

Some ufologists and alien abductees described two distinct groups of Greys – the taller Greys and the shorter Greys. The taller Zeta Reticulians act as leaders while the other group could be a constructed robot.

One famous alien abduction happened in September 1961.

Most cases of alien encounters and abductions pointed out to the Greys (eden-saga).

Couple Barney and Betty Hill observed a strange light with erratic movement in the sky of Indian Head, north of Woodstock. They decided to stop and get out of the car while watching the odd light. When the light came near, the couple saw a saucer-shaped object with different lights. Barney recounted that he could see the occupants of the unidentified flying object.

Frightened, the couple rushed back to their car drove towards home. However, when Barney calculated the time and mileage of their travel from the area to their home, it took them two hours longer than it should have. They could not explain what happened during those missing two hours.

The following day, Betty narrated the incident to her sister Janet. Janet encouraged them to report the UFO sighting to Pease Air Force Base. Major Paul W. Henderson of the 100th Bomb Wing took the report but dismissed it as insignificant event.

For two years after the close encounter with the UFO, Betty had frequent nightmares. She undergone a series of hypnotic regression treatments conducted by psychiatrist Dr. Benjamin Simon.

The hypnosis discovered that the aliens abducted the couple. The aliens subjected them to series of experiments. They took samples of skin, hair and nails from Betty and tooth and semen sample from Barney. The aliens conducted pregnancy test to Betty.

Betty asked the aliens their origin, they showed him a three-dimensional star map. Later, Betty reproduced an accurate map showing the location of Zeta-Reticuli system in relation to Earth. She had no prior knowledge of astronomy.

Barney and Betty kept their story from the press to evade unwarranted attention. However, when an erroneous account of their story leaked, they agreed to give their exact version.


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