Who Operates Abandoned Hotel’s Elevator?


The sight of an unserviceable elevator moving up and down in the wee hours disturbed locals of Davao City in the Philippines. The elevator was inside the abandoned hotel.

abandoned hotel
The sight of an unserviceable elevator moving up and down inside the abandoned Durian Hotel is hair-raising (RobbieMelrose).

Durian Hotel served as a landmark of the city and a popular hotel for travelers. The 12-storey building housed 126 guestrooms, restaurants, bars and a gym. It also had a clinic, chapel and function rooms that can accommodate 60 persons. The basement kept the parking area and water boiler. In the twelfth floor contained the mini gym and swimming pool. Another attraction of Durian hotel was the two scenic elevators. The scenic elevators allowed the visitors to have a bird’s eye glimpse of Davao City.

But sadly, the hotel closed for unknown reasons. Rumors had it that the owners went bankrupt and did not recovered. Despite standing in a strategic location, no investors were willing to buy the building. The hotel was left abandoned since 2000.

abandoned hotel
The inside of the abandoned Durian Hotel (Dabawenya Jud)

However, people who passed by the area wondered why the elevators would move up and down the building in the unholy hours at night. On the first time it happened, authorities inspected the building thinking that pranksters and delinquents entered the building. After investigations, the police found out nobody inside.They discovered that since its abandonment, the electrical power and water were also cut off.

Stories held that Security Guards assigned to look for the abandoned hotel would not stay long and left the job. They reported seeing shadows and hearing creepy voices from inside the rooms.

Here is a video clip taken by one of the locals. A girl with her friends took the video using her cellphone while inside a taxi. The taxi stopped near the abandoned hotel due to traffic jam.

Source:  Enter Davao   Life is Here

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