The Ghosts of Suicide Forest

Aokigahara Forest is located in the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. Also known as Sea of Trees, the forest is said to be the perfect place to die earning its name as Suicide Forest.

Suicide Forest
A sign inside Suicide Forest in Japan (New York Post)


Here are stories of ghost encounters inside the Suicide Forest.


I am walking through Aokigahara Jukai forest, the light rapidly fading on a mid-winter afternoon, when I stopped dead in my tracks by a blood-curdling scream. The natural reaction would be to run, but the forest floor is a maze of roots and slippery rocks. Truth be told, I am lost in this vast woodland whose name, in part, translates as “Sea of Trees.”

Inexplicably, I find myself moving toward the sound, searching for signs of life. Instead, I find death.

The source of that scream remains a mystery as, across a clearing, I see what looks like a pile of clothes. But as I approach, it becomes apparent it’s more than just clothes I’ve spotted.

In a small hollow, just below a tree, and curled up like a baby on a thick bed of dead leaves, lies a man, his thinning gray hair matted across his balding cranium. His pasty upper torso is shirtless.  Black long johns — with blue-striped boxers sticking out above the waistband — and a pair of woolly socks covered his legs.

Under his bent legs a pair of slacks, a white shirt and a jacket have been spread out as a cushion at his final resting place. Scattered around are innumerable documents, a briefcase and other remnants of a former life. Near him are empty packets of prescription pills, beer cans, and bottles of liquor.

Seemingly this man, who looks to be in his mid-50s, had drawn his last breath before I heard that unsourced, chilling cry. — ROB GILHOOLY

Suicide Forest
Aokigahara Forest is the perfect place to die (Mirror UK).


I got to say I was NOT aware of its dark history until we arrived at the town of Kawaguchiko. We had read that there’s great natural beauty by Mt Fuji. So we went with a camera and some hiking stuff. The townspeople we met at the local inn told us all about what happens in the Jukai. One of the workers even thought we were going in there to commit suicide!

Anyway, I was looking for a thrill and wanted to hike so we went into Aokigahara the day after….and boy oh boy… was the CREEPIEST place ever. I didn’t actually expect to find anything. We went pretty far into the forest taking pictures of the awesome wildlife there. However, we reached a place with rock formations and found a lot of disturbing things….ripped up pictures of families, something that looked like a suicide note nailed to a tree and clothes. There was rope lying around and lots of yellow tape.

At this point my girlfriend felt very uncomfortable and wanted to leave so we backtracked….and that’s when I stumbled on some bones. I freaked out, it was still wearing decaying jeans and Nikes. The more we ran the more the forest seemed to envelop us. We ran around desperately I started to see things. No straight up ghostly apparitions but a few times I could have sworn I saw somebody standing next to a tree but when I looked back there was nothing.

My girlfriend shrieked when something moved through the trees. We were about to run when a figure emerged from the bushes. It looked like a Buddhist monk in robes. My girlfriend went running and left me. I froze while he spoke to me in Japanese “Nani ni shi ni kita no?” (Why are you here?) I told him I was on a hike with my girlfriend. The man looked at me carefully and said “Ja anata to ano gaijin wa shinu tsumori wa nainn da ne?” (So you and that foreigner have no intention of dying then?) I said No, we are here to hike and take pictures. He told me to NOT take pictures and pointed me in the direction to an exit.

I ran to the direction he pointed and called my girlfriend and she came back from somewhere nearby, still crying.

We emerged into a parking space with people.  Mountain rangers went to comfort us because we were scared. They thought we were to commit suicide. I explained that was not the case. I told them about the stuff we found and the monk. The rangers were shocked. They told us about a ghost of a Buddhist Monk who lived in the forest.  They said that the ghost tries to prevent suicide.

I am never going back there again. EVER. I recently almost committed suicide myself so it really hit me hard…but the experience convinced me I would never ever try to take my own life. — TANGOMIKE


Source: Wrong Planet  Japan Times

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