Skylar Neese Murder: From BFF to Killers

“We just didn’t like her anymore,” said Rachel Shoaf when questioned about the Skylar Neese Murder case. Rachel and Shelia Eddy killed Skylar on July 2012.

Skylar Annette Neese was born on February 10, 1996 living in Morgantown, West Virginia. According to her parents Mary and Dave, Skylar was a thriving student, had a part time job and active social life. She and Shelia, just a year older, were friends since little girls. They met Rachel in September 2010, when Rachel transferred to their school.

Skylar Neese murder
Shelia Eddy, Rachel Shoaf and Skylar Neese (ABC News)

The three started hanging out together – drinking, smoking weed and breaking curfew. Shelia was noted to be the bad influence. However, Skylar had no intention of breaking up their friendship. Until in late summer of 2011, Skylar and Shelia started arguing over Rachel. The friendship between the girls started to go downhill. Their arguments (often on Twitter) enflamed their relationship. Skylar started to feel left out as Shelia and Rachel were getting closer. In June 2012, the girls fought while in their one-week stay in Myrtle Beach.

On July 5, 2012, Skylar went home after finishing a shift at Wendy’s. Around midnight, Shelia and Rachel texted her asking her to join for a joyride. Skylar sneaked out of her bedroom and met the girls on Fairfield Street. The next morning her dad discovered Skylar went out for the night. She also missed her work for the first time. Her parents called police to report her disappearance.

The nest day, Shelia called Skylar’s parents to tell them what happened that night. She proceeded to tell them that they snuck out the night and driven around the Star City. The girls told them they dropped Skylar at the end of the road so as not to wake her parents. She told them they picked up Skylar around 11pm and returned at midnight.

While Rachel left for Catholic summer camp, Shelia helped the family investigate the neighborhood to find Skylar. She distributed posters around town. She even cried on her best friend’s bed.

Investigators found Shelia’s behavior suspicious during interview. They said Shelia was “like iced over” while Rachel was very nervous. Police believed that ‘Sheila is acting wrong. Rachel is scared to death.’ They viewed the surveillance video and cell phone records and learned that the girls lied.

Skylar Neese murder
When asked why, Rachel answered ‘We just didn’t like her’ (Youtube grab).

Dave and Mary Neese, classmates and even strangers put pressure on Shelia and Rachel to tell the truth. Anonymous Twitter accounts were set up to harass the girls. While Shelia seemed impassive by all the harassment, Rachel started to crack.

Rachel had a nervous breakdown and was committed to a local psychiatric hospital. She confessed that they killed Skylar. She told them that they picked Skylar, driven her to a remote backroad near Brave and stabbed her to death and buried her body. Rachel led the authorities to Skylar’s body.

When asked why they did it, Rachel answered ‘We just didn’t like her.’

Upon further investigations, Skylar witnessed Shelia and Rachel have sex on August 16, 2011. She mentioned the event to some friends and even wrote about it on her diary. Rumors also had it that Skylar possessed sex videos and pictures of the two girls. Shelia and Rachel were worried Skylar would reveal their secrets.

Rachel turned herself into authorities on May 1, 2013 and faced 30 years in prison. On the same day, Shelia was arrested in a restaurant parking lot. She was charged as an adult, pleaded guilty and was sentenced as an adult to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 15 years.


Source:  ABC News    Skylar Neese Murder

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