Pregnant Women and their Paranormal Experiences

Motherhood is the peak of woman’s life. However, many mothers told stories about their paranormal experiences during pregnancy. Experts say that due to hormonal surges, pregnant women have sharp senses and intuition. Some theorize that this happen because the unborn child becomes the center of attention of spirits.

paranormal experiences
Pregnancy heightened women’s sensitivity (Mark Walles Chiropractic)

 Someone is watching me

Before I was pregnant I would hear voices whispering. A bang on the sunroom door connected to the kitchen. Footsteps and other things but it seemed to get worse when I was pregnant.

I would wake up around 4 am to drink some water by my bed and I would hear tapping in the living room like someone was knocking or someone was following me or watching me. I would write it off as maybe my grandfather was watching me because he passed away almost 5 years ago.

Now since my daughter will be one soon she babbles to no one, points her finger to the corner of her room and has her finger follow something. I have also heard a woman whispering for almost 5 minutes through the baby monitor around 1 am. Nothing harms her but I have yelled in my house for whatever is in her room to stay out. I haven’t heard it since. – Ashgould

While my husband is away

I never really experienced anything with my first pregnancy. But with my 2nd we would hear all kinds of noises like toys going off, the TV turning on or off, footsteps on the stairs. Now I’m pregnant with my 3rd. I forgot all about that stuff until lately! My husband had to leave for the week. I had no problem with it until two nights ago!

I received a phone call at 2:30am and it woke me up. Well, I had to pee so I couldn’t go back to sleep. But then I heard something getting thrown around in the kitchen. Then footsteps coming up the stairs!

I started to get scared and didn’t want to see anything so I closed my eyes and laid down and heard the footsteps coming into my room and walking around the bed! I was scared!! So I called my husband and he talked to me so I could go pee! – TessaandHailey

paranormal experiences
I always dream about a woman watching me (Rebloggy).

The woman in my dreams

Before I was pregnant I had witnessed lights flickering, turning off and on by themselves but always chalked it up to old wiring in the house. I was living in which was over 100 years old with a newer attachment on the back of it. Four years ago (I as well was 27 at the time and lived just outside Ottawa East) while I was pregnant with my son I started waking up always between 2:45 and 3:30am. During this time I heard a woman murmuring from the vacant second bedroom upstairs. Again I chalked it up to old house moans and groans.

The first time I saw the elderly woman in my dreams. She was so real I could have sworn I was awake. I was lying in my bed and heard a noise so I sat up to see a round stumpy woman at my bedroom door. Her movement was staggered. As fast as I saw her at the door she was in my face trying to swat me. I fell backwards in a panic. Instantly waking up shaking uncontrollably just after 3am. It scared me so badly I was no longer comfortable sleeping in my room.

I moved myself from then on out to the couch downstairs in the newer part of the house. About a month later while I was asleep on the couch I had awoke again sat up and looked into the kitchen (which was in the original part of the house) to see the same woman sitting at the table staring at me. I lied back down and she was gone. –MissyM

The classical music

I haven’t seen anything as such, but when I was about 9 months pregnant and unable to sleep towards the end. For about five nights in a row I would wake and hear classical music and people talking gently. It didn’t sound like it was outside but sort of in the distance. This was at 3-4 in the morning so I wouldn’t have imagined it to be actual people up talking and listening to that sort of music. It was like classical music but it wasn’t if that makes sense it just made me feel very mellow and I still think about what it might have been now.

That might make me sound crazy or people will say I was dreaming but I was 100% awake. I do believe in the afterlife and spirits. –Rebecca G

paranormal experiences
Ana was an aswang (Unnatural World Wiki).

Who is Ana?

This story really happened to my grandmother. My grandmother and grandfather lived together. They didn’t have any offspring yet during that time, my dad will be their first. According to her, when she was still pregnant with my father, there was this one woman named Ana.

Ana was very helpful, making my grandpa sometimes felt peculiar about her. She only started coming to their house when my grandmother was already two months pregnant.

One afternoon, my grandfather was not home yet from school. He was the supervisor of the local elementary school of the town. My grandmother meanwhile was washing the dishes. From the kitchen window, she can see the garden and the poultry outside. There she saw Ana standing outside, hands stretched to the sky. Puzzled, my grandma went out to ask her what she was doing outside. To her surprise, Ana was no longer there. And then she realized that she already bid goodbye a while ago.

One afternoon, apparently 6pm, she was in the house with Ana. She was eight months pregnant that time. It was raining hard so Ana stayed for a while. Grandma started to labor. Ana touched her tummy trying to comfort her. But instead of comfort, my grandmother felt Ana’s hand as if burrowing in her tummy. When she looked at Ana to protest, she felt so weak.

My grandfather was shocked when he saw Ana’s tongue longer than normal. Ana’s sharp nails were about to open my grandmother’s stomach. He shouted obscenities to the woman and immediately ran for his bolo. Ana jumped from the window.

Since then, Ana never showed up. –Anonymous


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