When Animal Ghosts Come Back

When pet died, pet owners experienced sightings of animal ghosts that seem to continue their routine while alive. Owners would hear familiar sounds, feel their presence or see imprint on where they sleep.

Here are accounts shared by pet owners on their encounters of their pets’ ghosts.

animal ghosts
Dead Pets seem to continue their routine while alive (Catster).


I have lived in my house here in Santa Cruz for the past seven years. Over these years I have had a few strange things happen, like a loud knock on my bedroom door when I was the only one home. Also, various loud bangs suddenly waking me at night. But nothing compared to what has been happening for the last year.

It began as something walking on my bed. I felt like it was some kind of animal spirit, but I didn’t know what kind. When I felt it, I would just stay real still with my heart pounding through my chest. I was pretty freaked out until one time when I felt the tell-all sign of pleasure pawing near my arm. It’s a cat. At first it was pretty shy, just like a cat you would come across on a sidewalk. It took a few months of visits here and there, but now this cat ghost loves me. It is on my bed every time I sit on it.

Recently, I have discovered that it is at least two cats. They have even been hanging out with me on my couch in my living room. I have never seen either of these cats, but I feel them as real as a living cat. Every now and then I will feel a whisker or a wisp of a tail on my skin. I have grown to love these cats and feel very privileged to have been chosen by these spirits. My friends still shake their heads when I tell them about the visit I just had. I swear this a true story. – Stuart


I was at my father’s house the other day and from the corner of my eye I would swear he had a basset hound in his lap. He was half asleep in his favorite chair watching TV with one hand on my friend to the left, (who passed last November) who was in his lap looking at me. I took two steps thinking how did he managed to fit in that chair , then realized what I thought I saw, took a step back and did a double take but when I looked straight at them only dad was there looking at me. (Mr. MaGee was a big basset when he passed seventy five pounds he was a big dog with short legs

“What?” dad asked I told him and he shrugged and smiles and said “no one here but me.”

And I still believe the first dog we ever had come back (about two weeks after his death,) one night and scratched at the window. I got out of bed and went to the window (I saw him as clearly then as I see the computer screen now) and told him he was dead and he needed to go wherever dogs went after they died. His head and his tail drooped and it hurt so bad that I tried to open the window and let him in but the window refused to open. It didn’t even bother me a time that the dog was four feet off the ground. After several moments I gave up and went back to bed and to sleep. – Mysticwerewolf

animal ghosts
I will feel a whisker or a wisp of a tail on my skin (youtube grab).



I have had many experiences with my own pets coming back and sticking around. We knew of one that came as another pet. They pop in from time to time.

My youngest daughter wasn’t born yet when we had to have our Dalmatian “Maggie” put down due to her age. My daughter is 19 now and last year she asked if we ever had a black and white dog? I asked why? She said she keeps seeing a black and white dog, like a Dalmatian walking around the house.

I had heard Maggie walking around many times and I know one of my favorite cats comes to see me quite often. -Leslie_dragonlvr


The first time I experienced this was in my freshmen year of college.

I had a black cat named Max. He was like a dog, he came everywhere with me, loved the car. I couldn’t bring him to college with me as pets are not allowed in dorms.

So on the day I came home for Christmas break, I pulled into the driveway and just as I turned the car off, I heard Max meow. I went running in the house calling for him and he was nowhere to be found. When my mom came home from work I asked her where Max was, and she told me he had died the night before. He ate the leaves/flowers of a poinsettia plant, had convulsions and died. I never knew Poinsettia’s were poisonous to cats. Nevertheless, I cried and cried for days, but felt strangely comforted because I knew he was still around and wanted to say good-bye to me.

Since then I’ve had lots of other cats that have died, and I see their shadows and hear them meow every once in a while. It’s very nice to know they are still around; but they know I am not devastated anymore, so I think it’s more that they’re coming for a visit. –Kira

animal ghosts
I told him he was dead and he needed to go wherever dogs went after they died (youtube grab).



I used to live next door to my neighbor who had a black/white cat. I just adored this cat, and he just loved when I would come over for a visit. My neighbor told me that her cat had a malignant tumor. The cat was still fine the last time I saw him.

We got a two-bedroom apartment in the next building and we moved out. I came back a month later to visit my neighbor. As she opened her door, I saw her cat walking across her bedroom to the living-room and then suddenly had vanished. I asked her whether I could pet her cat, and she told me that cat passed away about a week ago.

She told me that she did not want to euthanize him, and wanted him to pass away naturally. However, his condition got worse, and he was in agony. She just had to call to the veterinary and begged him to come to her home. When the veterinary came over, the cat was in complete agony. There was no other solution but to euthanize him. He died in her apartment right near the door to the hallway.

When she told me that he passed away about a week ago, I was shocked! I loved that cat so much! But how could I have seen him walking from a Bedroom to the Living-room? He looked so real! I mean just like a living being. I didn’t see any weird lights or some strange ghost-like shape. There he was, a regular cat passing by me. I was thinking that he just passed by me and didn’t even cross over my legs. That explained why. He was not there anymore.

I don’t know what I saw. Was his ghost there, still in her apartment? It has not been nine days yet, so was he there or was his energy left behind?

I thought that my neighbor lied to me and simply didn’t want me to step in. However, this was true. The cat has passed away.

Well, I still cannot make any sense of what I have seen. –Norwegiancat

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