Is Elsie a Member of “Star People”?

A website Phantoms and Monsters posted an account from a woman named Elsie. According to the site, they contacted the woman and her family members. They are convinced that Elsie is a member of Star People. Star people are humans who spend a lifetime in another planet before entering our world. They share human characteristics but with special abilities.

star people
Star People share human characteristics but with special abilities (youtube grab).

In the summer of 1965, I was living in the small town of Kermit, Texas. It was just my mother and I, because my father died before I was born – at least that’s what my mom said. I never did see any proof of his death or a grave site. I was 10 years old that summer.

One evening my friend and I were in her back yard, laying on our backs and looking at the stars. We were talking ‘small talk,’ when all of a sudden, I got the urge to look towards the western sky. It was like a voice told me to look for a bright light in the west. As I started to look, I saw a bright yellow light getting bigger and bigger. This light was headed towards the ground. I asked my friend if she was seeing this, but she didn’t answer. I looked over and she was totally knocked out. I shook her, but she was not responding.

I was worried about her, but then I heard a voice. A man’s voice. I turned my head and there was a man standing about 20 feet away. He was tall, I’d say about 6 and a half foot tall. Once again he said, ‘Are you Elsie?’ I looked at his face, and it seemed very familiar. The yellow light was stationary in the sky and had dimmed. The man looked at me and smiled. I responded, ‘Yes, I’m Elsie. Who are you?’ He answered ‘I believe you know who I am.’ Then the face became recognizable. He looked like the picture of my father that my mom had on her dresser. ‘Are you my father?’ He shook his head in the affirmative and said ‘Yes Elsie, I am.’

I sat there on the grass staring at this man. How could he be my father? Where did he come from? He crouched down to his knees. That’s when I noticed he was wearing a silver body suit and was barefoot. He looked at me and said ‘I have been watching you all your life. I thought it was about time that I introduced myself to you.’ I started to cry. I really did want to believe that this was my father. I asked ‘Didn’t you die?’ He looked away for a second or two, then looked back at me. ‘Elsie, I have a secret. I had to return home before you were born. I had no choice. But I assure you, I did not die.’

By this time I was absolutely confused and upset. I managed to ask him, ‘But can you stay here with us now?’ He stood up and said, ‘No, I must leave soon. I will see you again when I’m able. I love you Elsie.’ I got to my feet and moved towards him ‘Wait, wait – where are you going?’ By that time he had vanished and the yellow light ascended at high speed into the stars. I looked into the sky, hoping the yellow light would reappear. I could hear my friend say, ‘What’s going on?’ I said nothing, turned and walked home.

I never told my mom what happened because I believe it would have upset her. She loved my father deeply and mentioned him often. But she still never told me what happened to him – even when I asked.

star people
Star people are humans who spend a lifetime in another planet (

In July of this year my mom passed away. I recently started going through her private papers and found an envelope with ‘Elsie – Please Read’ written on the front. There was a letter that was dated July 21, 1965, which was the same day on which my mom passed away. The letter read:

Sweet Elsie – I know your daddy came to visit you a few days ago. He told me he would. I love your daddy and miss him terribly – but he cannot live with us. All I can tell you is that he will come for you one day. On that day we will all be together in a place I have been before. It is another world, another existence that people on Earth would never understand. It is beautiful and wonderful.

I don’t know when you’ll receive this letter, but if you have your own family by then, they will join us at their time of departure as well. Stay strong and hopeful. I love you with all of my heart. Mom

My husband and I talked about the contents of the letter, and we discussed it with our adult children. We are convinced that our ancestors are extraterrestrials. I know this seems impossible, but I believe that you and others can understand why I feel this way. That is why I am writing you.

My father has not returned in 51 years, but my family and I believe that we will ascend to the stars when our day comes. —- Elsie

Source: Phantoms & Monsters

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