The Smiling Man: A Short Horror Film

The Smiling Man is a short horror film directed by AJ Briones featuring Abby Chally, Strange Dave and Melissa Chally.

short horror film
The scary creature the little girl met in their kitchen (

The short horror film stars Abby Chally as the little girl, Strange Dave as the Smiling Man, and Melissa Chally as the mother.  The film presented a little girl in pony tail watching cartoon show. Something caught the girl’s attention and she leave the room. She followed a trail of floating balloons until she reached the kitchen. There she met face to face with The Smiling Man.

According to We are Indie Horror website:

“The Smiling Man is a piece of amazing horror art that will end as a timeless classic and will outshine any modern horror feature length film. The incredible performances, camera work, direction and music create a near perfect short film worthy of all and any awards.”

short horro film
Meeting the Smiling Man (Horrorpedia)

While UK Horror Scene said:

“Ultimately, the only problem I had with The Smiling Man was that it left me wanting even more. Here’s hoping that Briones and Dave join forces to give us more of this magnificent movie monster in the future. But for now, The Smiling Man is a superbly executed and lean exercise in carefully cultivated fear.”

Here’s the clip:


Source: We are Indie Horror   UK Horror Scene

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