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Here are more creepy ghost stories about a cop who was protected by his brother, the dark figure lurking in the bedroom and other paranormal encounters.

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We saw a ghost in our room (

The Dark Figure

When I was in elementary school, I shared a queen size bed with my older sister and our family dog (a mutt that looked like a short haired Lassie) would sleep at the foot of our bed every night.

When I was about 6 years old, I woke up one night around midnight and saw a dark figure standing at the foot of the bed. The figure was entirely in black without any eyes or a face. I tried to wake my sister up, but she rolled over to go back to sleep. My sister must have accidentally kicked the dog, because the dog woke up and raised her head and started growling at the figure at the foot of the bed. The growling then woke my sister up and she saw the figure and started screaming. When my parents came into the room and turned the light on, nothing was there.

To this day, both my sister and I are adamant that we saw a ghost or other demon in our room. We know we aren’t crazy because the dog saw it too. – KimJongFunk

My Grandma

I was 23 at the time, living about 7-8 hours away from my family while doing university. One night I abruptly woke up in the middle of the night from a force physically moving me off my bed, towards the foot of the bed. What was even weirder, I was already covered in sweat and felt like I was mid-anxiety attack. Needless to say I was extremely disturbed and had trouble sleeping the remainder of the night.

Fast forward to the morning, I finally dozed off, but get woken up to my phone ringing. On the other side is my Dad telling me that my Grandmother passed away last night.

After hearing that it is not something that scares me, in fact I find it rather soothing that possibly she was just coming to say goodbye and as a new spirit was unaware of how she could still affect me in the physical plane. — Cpear805

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I was a rookie cop when my brother committed suicide (

The Two Bullets

I was a rookie cop when my brother committed suicide. He was one of my older siblings but we were very close. He died in another state, and I had a lot of guilt then about not recognizing the signs. His remains were in bad shape by the time he was discovered, so it was a closed coffin service.

About a week after he died, I was back at work one night, and my partner and I see a pimp pistol whipping one of his girls. I jump out and the pimp sees me and the foot chase was on. I was running after him, gun in hand, and he cuts through a narrow corridor under a building that leads to a courtyard in the middle.

Right before I reach the courtyard, I hear “It’s okay” in my dead brothers voice. I hit the courtyard and the guy is against the side pointing a gun in my head, and squeezes the trigger twice. I froze for a millisecond and then started beating him in the head with my revolver. Till this day, I don’t know why I didn’t just shoot him. Cuff him and walk him back to the street and find my partner. I tell my partner about him squeezing the trigger, but not the voice I heard. We unload the gun (.32 revolver) right there, and two bullets have strike marks on them.

Take the gun to the lab for testing. Tell the tech the story. He puts the two bullets with strike marks back in and shoots into the test tank. Both bullets fired.  — krocker321

The Drifter

Growing up on Halloween, my family would take us on a hay ride to give us a good scare and we would always go by Goshen cemetery where my uncle would have someone waiting to jump out and scare us. We always heard stories about the cemetery and all the bad things that had happened over the years.

As a teenager, my friends and I would go at night and sit in the pavilion listening to all the strange noises that came from the cemetery, but would never go in because we believed it to be disrespectful. As an adult, I hooked up with an amateur ghost hunting group and convinced them to investigate Goshen. We got the appropriate approvals and started an investigation after sun down.

Nothing happened for the first few hours and then we would start hearing little noises. Nothing major, just sounds of movement. Since we were outside we figured the noise were from animals lurking around. Roughly around midnight – 1 am we all noticed a glowing light towards to back part of the cemetery. Although I was a little apprehensive I joined the group to go see what it was. The closer we got, the further away the light was. We finally made it to the edge of the cemetery and the light had disappeared. There was only one headstone back there and it was a very old unmarked headstone.

All of a sudden I felt very nervous and very chilled, as if the temperature had dropped 5 or more degrees. Some of the other members began to document the area and asked questions as well. The feeling subsided a few minutes after it began and the rest of the night was quite. After going through the evidence, my friend who was with the group brought me 2 EVP’s and a few pics and one video; all recorded at the same time.

The pics showed a misty figure beside and behind me, like there were multiple figures. The video showed the mists forming out of nowhere at the same time I was getting the chills and they looked as if they were circling me. The EVP’S had one that was hard to understand and the other had multiple voices saying things like “pretty” and “mine”. The voices were horribly terrifying.

A few weeks later during some research, my friend discovered that the unmarked grave belonged to a drifter who had died while passing through town back in the early 1800s. He seemed to have been quite the ladies’ man while there and it is thought that his death wasn’t an accident, but possibly a murder. — Jennifer Barndt

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We always heard stories about the cemetery (

I was Standing There

My mom told me when I was younger, one night I kept going into her room and standing at the foot of her bed. She would tell me to go back to bed and fall back to sleep. The third time she said she woke up because she had that feeling of someone standing there again and she said this time I was standing there with a sheet over me she got out of bed upset and told me to go back to bed and stop getting up and went to grab me but when she did the sheet dropped and I wasn’t there. She went to my room and I was asleep. She told me it happened again a month later.

I was in the bathroom one night and had just gotten out of the shower and I felt someone bump into me, hard enough for me to move.

My grandpa had passed away and for a year after his death I would randomly smell his cologne. One day even my mom said she smelled it. — EricaS7


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