Peculiarities of the Sargasso Sea

The strangeness of the Sargasso Sea is older than that of Bermuda Triangle. The sea measuring 700 miles wide and 2000 miles long  located in North Atlantic. It is the only sea without a land boundary.

Sargasso Sea
One of the angle of Bermuda Triangle overlaps to the Sargasso Sea (

Ocean currents confined the Sargasso Sea on all sides – the Gulf Stream Current, the Canary Current, North Atlantic Current and the North Atlantic Equatorial Current . Unlike the harsh cold of North Atlantic, the sea is warm with still and weak winds.

Since the sea has no land boundaries, the area has  changing geographic occurrence. The clockwise flows of the different currents around the sea affects the tidal pull and the current of the Sargasso Sea.

Sargasso Sea
The sea got its name from Sargassum, a genus of free-floating seaweed (

The sea got its name from Sargassum, a genus of free-floating seaweed. This seaweed is unique because it is native in the area. It reproduce while floating around the ocean. The Sargassum offers a home to variety of shrimps, crabs, fishes and other marine species that have adapted  to the algae. Endangered eels, white marlin porbeagle shark, and dolphinfish obtained safety from the seaweed.

Because of the absence of wind current on the Sargasso Sea, vessels used in the earlier times had difficulty to navigate through the sea’s waters. There were stories of drifting ships in the sea which mysteries surrounding every tales. Adding to the mystery, one corner of the Bermuda Triangle overlaps to the Sargasso Sea.

Sargasso Sea
Legends said that shipwrecks were common in the area (

Legends held that ships in 1800s have been found on the sea waters. There were no crew members aboard on the drifted ships. Discovered in some vessels were skeletal remains of the crew. However, there were no explanations on the cause of deaths.

In 1840, the Rosalie waded into the Sargasso Sea and disappeared. Few years later, the ship reappeared but without any crew on board. In 1881, American schooner Ellen Austin found a ship travelling in good speed. But when he sent his crew to capture the unnamed ship, it vanished. In 1955, the Connemara IV was wandering on its own about 140 miles away from Bermuda. Between 1960s and 1980s, there were boats and yachts found floating unmanned on the Sargasso Sea.


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