Distressing Encounters with Horrible Neighbors

A beautiful community may turn into hell if you live next door to horrible neighbors. Here are stories of people who encountered neighbors from hell.

horrible neighbors
The old lady next door said I was making noise (bestmovie.it).



Years ago I had a doozy of an experience with a neighbor. He was a bit of a mental case and when he would drink with his meds or just simply not take them, things got weird.

He once convinced himself that I was having an affair with his father….even though I had never even met the man much less even spoken to him. This guy truly believed that I was having an affair though!!!!

He believed it so much that he tried to convince my boyfriend at the time it was true….this guy was a complete fruit loop. He eventually took to making verbal threats towards me and the cops were called….he got hauled away to the looney bin for a couple of days.

When he came back, it got even stranger….He would stand outside in the cold with nothing but a pair of shorts on, he would draw a circle in the gravel then, just stand in the circle and stare at my apartment for hours. –Magestic Esoteric


I had a neighbor who got ‘attached’ to me. She decided I was her best friend. She’d call the house starting early in the morning and call all day long. If I didn’t answer the phone she’d demand to know where I was and who I was with. She got huffy. I was strange.

Oh … we are both women. It wasn’t a sexual attachment I’m sure. It was like I was suddenly her best friend. We ended up moving a thousand miles away and I made sure she didn’t get our address and that our phone numbers are unlisted. –FlyersFan

horrible neighbors
My neighbor is weird (willhartl.blogspot.com).



I’m in a building with mostly older people, and have been for almost thirteen years. I don’t really talk to anyone, and the lady right next to me I perhaps said “Hi” to right after I moved in, but nothing else.

She’s in her eighties, and six years ago I believe she must have been hearing things, as she said that another neighbor in the hall, a younger guy, was making so much noise that she couldn’t sleep. He was evicted because he didn’t pay his rent, and then right after that she turned on me, believing that I was making noise.

She said that I was using a stereo to a thumping loud volume late at night, when I wasn’t. When I told her I wasn’t doing that, she said “Well then what the hell was it?” and seemed satisfied for the moment, and even bought me a frozen pizza the next day to say she was sorry.

Then one evening when I was almost drifting off to sleep while watching “Seinfeld”, she pounded on my door and told me to keep it down or she would call the cops. I got pissed off and confronted her, and we went back and forth for a while before she calmed down.

Then a few days later she did call the cops. I went out to the hall and explained to the cop that I didn’t know what she was talking about, and even showed him my tiny boom box that wasn’t even plugged in and which I hadn’t been using.

She also believed that I wasn’t the person who rightfully lived in the apartment, as the guy she thought lived in the place (me all the while) was very quiet. So I showed the cop my ID with the apartment on it. Except for one other time that she knocked on my door and pleaded with me to keep it down (when I was again not making noise), she hasn’t bothered me about it, but I know she gossips about me to the other older people.

Just today I heard her out in the hall saying that someone had broken into her apartment, as some things, including her bank book, weren’t where they should be, and some frozen food and a can of tomato soup were stolen.

I’m wondering how long it will take before she brings me up to the other neighbors as a possible culprit. I doubt that anyone broke in. She’s a good person and it’s most likely her age that is causing these problems, so I feel bad about saying negative things about her, but at the same time, I’m being attacked in these situations, and I have to defend myself. –IcedOver


My neighbors in the shitty apartment I moved to after I moved out of my parent’s place were hoarders to the extreme, as well as alcoholics.

We started getting roaches in our apartment about two months after they moved in. Then came mice. Then came RATS.

About once a month we’d call 911 on them because we’d find one of them passed out in the parking lot, or on the doorstep, or on the stairs. They came over and asked if it was us who kept calling 911. Then they cussed us out because they didn’t have insurance and had to take out numerous payday loans to cover the ambulance costs.

We broke our lease and moved out after “someone” took a shit on our welcome mat. —Not_A_Good_Gardener


She isn’t home much, but when she is, she gives me the creeps. It’s like she has skeletons in her closet or dead bodies in her house. The police go there often looking for her and have even knocked on my door and asked about her. She is extremely religious. Almost cult-like in her mannerisms. She seems detached from reality on some level.

I just get this weird vibe off of her. I have been told by a couple people that do know her more and they have told me she is very ‘weird’. She recently built this wooden contraption in her backyard. I’m not sure what the hell it is. It is like several boxes stacked on top of each other with wire mesh grating covering the front of the boxes, like you would keep an animal in them. I don’t ever recall seeing an animal in them, but then again, I am too weirded out to go up to it very close.

There have been complaints before from different people that she has a very strong odor coming out of her house. Once a cop even came to investigate it, but she wasn’t home at the time. Hubby and I joke that she has rotten bodies in there. But, we are only half joking. I can imagine her doing something like that. Someone once told my husband that they saw dead bodies of cats lying on her kitchen counters. I don’t know if that is true or not. She’s very nice, but very very creepy. –Landers

horrible neighbors
My neighbors were hoarders to the extreme (nofilmschool.com).



When we moved into our house 11 years ago, the previous owners told us they had never seen the elderly woman two doors down but that her daughter came around every so often to bring her supplies or whatever. Cool. Our other neighbors seemed really nice, and we settled into a happy existence, never thinking about the mean old lady on the corner or her daughter.

Except one time I saw the alleged daughter in her backyard, throwing an empty milk carton into the next yard. I gave her a hard look, though I was wearing sunglasses, which might have mitigated the effect.

Anyway, it’s the present. In the entire 11 years, I’ve never seen the crazy old lady on the corner. (Yes, she went from being an elderly woman to a crazy old lady.) Her windows are papered over.

Anyway, it’s the present. Again. I was enjoying a cookout with my family and I happened to look over between the gaps in our bushes and saw The Trash-Throwing Daughter. She looked friendly enough, and she wasn’t whipping garbage into other people’s yards, so I gave her a wave.

She responded by yelling something I couldn’t hear, so I hollered back some gibberish of my own: grass, weather, flowers, and sky. She kept yelling, and it seemed that something more than gibberish was required, so I motioned that I would go around to the front of her house.

So there I was! Face to face with the daughter of the evil witch from the haunted house! She seemed harmless, but I kept my distance. She asked me if I wanted some lilies of the valley.

The lady handed me a trowel and motioned to her garden. Oh. I was supposed to dig them up. This was weird, to say the least. I could see my family looking anxiously through the bushes. I wanted to eat my hot dog! I didn’t want to garden with my creepy neighbor. I stalled by making small talk.

“So, how long has your mom lived here?”

“My mom doesn’t live here.”

“Do YOU live here?”

Long silence. Then finally: “Yes.”

“Oh! How long have you lived here?”

Creepy smile. “A long time.”

“Well, we’ve lived here 11 years, and I’ve NEVER seen you!”

She said,“I’ve never seen YOU!”

OK, now, that’s impossible. People see me! I’m out and about. I’m on my driveway taking pictures of the fetus, I’m scooping up dog poo, and I’m walking the cats on their leashes. I am a presence in the neighborhood! You cannot say you’ve never seen me!

I looked toward her house and could have sworn I saw a curtain twitch.

I practically threw the trowel at her. “I think I hear my mom calling me!”

I ran home and buried myself under a bunch of sofa cushions. Dave was still in the yard, manning the grill, but everyone else was inside. I proceeded to tell them the story of the creepy neighbor when . . .

OHMYGOD THERE SHE IS! I scream-whispered. She was walking down our driveway! Did she have the trowel? Someone rescue Dave! He’s out there! Alone!

But Dave came in shortly thereafter. He was holding a bunch of lilies of the valley.

“Uh, your neighbor brought you these.”


My family gave me a collective side-eye and went back to enjoying the cookout.

I ate my hot dog inside.

And I threw away the lilies of the valley. Because I know if the wicked witch who lives in that scary house can shape-shift, she can sure as hell put a curse on flowers. —I Met My Creepy Neighbor



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