Frightening Paranormal Encounters while inside the Home

Home is where the heart is. It is a place where we can relax and feel protected. However, in an unfortunate time, home is not a safe sanctuary. Scary paranormal encounters may happen while we are inside our home.

paranormal encounters
Frightening encounters may happen while we are inside our home (


My husband and I moved across the country to a location I later learned is ripe for urban legends eye witness accounts and the paranormal.

We were watching tv late at night and our dog starts going nuts at the kitchen window. He’s usually right when he warns us so we thought perhaps a bear – we were on acreage and only ones out there. So we both go to the window to peer out. Husband turns the lights off so we can see out. In front of us plain as day standing at the tree line 20 feet away from the window is a massive blacker than black form with the most fearful blood red eyes I’ve seen!

Different looking from animal eyes that are red. These were very large, almost like the classic alien sketches with the huge glossy eyes with no pupils. But dark blood red.

We were stunned. We rubbed our eyes in disbelief and asked each other if we were really both seeing this! A minute must’ve passed just standing there like idiots watching it. It stared right back. The eyes disappeared for a split second then reappeared while its form never moved. It had the most intense look of rage, like pure hatred, evil.

The hair on the back of my neck was straight up! We started yelling to each other, yelling from the adrenaline I suppose. What do we do?! We are alone no backup, cell phone is dead I didn’t plug it in yet, do we let the dog out, what can that thing do, why won’t it leave, why us, why now?! My husband swore and ran for our biggest gun. I ran for the ammo box. We both knew we had to be ready – it wasn’t afraid of us. The dog continued to bark and growl at the window. We got back and it was gone. The dog stopped barking and left. We didn’t believe it was gone. Obviously it was intent on something, acting somehow.

We stayed up for hours watching out all windows but never saw it again. The next day we went to inspect where it had been standing. It had been at tree line in front of a clump of trees. We looked at the limbs that had been level to its eyes and were so glad it hadn’t come after us. The tree limbs were over 7 feet up off the ground.  — Liz5303

paranormal encounters
Standing at the tree line is a massive blacker than black form (


My encounter wasn’t exactly paranormal, just unexplained and very frightening. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an account similar to it. If you’ve EVER had an experience similar to mine please tell me.

The refrigerator in my house is right next to a counter that separates the kitchen and the living room. If the door to the refrigerator is open you can’t see over the counter.

Several times over a span of two weeks I would close the door to the refrigerator and see something terrifying on the other side of the counter. The creepy part is that I can never remember what I saw. I would just close the door and about 3 out of 10 times I would go into fight or flight. It was as if I had seen pure fear behind that counter. I saw it the first time and scrambled all the way down the hall to my room and blocked the door. I came out a few minutes later with a bat ready to bash it, but couldn’t find it.

Another time I saw it and fell backwards, cowering on the floor. I felt like a cornered animal. I remember looking up and seeing it hanging over me but I don’t remember what IT was. I never remember. The worst instance was when it actually came at me and I had to get away before it did whatever it was going to do when it caught me.

I can never remember what it was, but whatever it was, it caused me fear for my life every time I saw it. I don’t really want to know. It reminds me of the Silence from Doctor Who, except I never forgot that I saw it, just what it really was. I’m not even sure I want to know what I saw, and I’d rather believe it was never there. — Racob7


It was around midnight, and I was sound asleep when I woke up to this white “figure” standing next to my bed. The entire room was dark except for my tv in the distance being on. I say “figure” because I couldn’t tell if it was human. It looked to be of human shape but it was very “straight”. It has no curves or bumps. It looked like a stick figure almost, and for the gender, I couldn’t tell you.

I was in a shock state if you will, it was like in the movies when a grenade or explosion goes off, and you are out of it. My ears were ringing and I was having trouble focusing on this figure. Every time I would look at it, it would turn “fuzzy”, just like an old TV would do when the signal cut out.

I knew that it was trying to hide whatever it was from me. It appeared to have a hood covering the back of its head as well. I remember hearing it talk, but I couldn’t make out what it was saying. I’m not sure if it was English or some other language but my mind was having trouble comprehending it. I noticed in its right hand, it had an object. I couldn’t make out what it was but I kept saying something and moving the object closer to me. Almost as if it was begging me to take it. I didn’t move at all, but I turned and saw myself laying in the floor next to me. So I looked down and saw my whole body but I was white. My hands were the same color but that had a whitish tint to them. Everything turned to dark pretty quickly and I woke up in the floor where I saw myself in the exact position. – NotableMaple


For a time, I felt really nervous in the downstairs area of my house despite living here for 5 years now. I, being a night owl, always come down at 2-3am for my “dessert” before I go to bed or not long before I go to bed.

Once I had been coming out of my room in the middle of the night to visit the restroom. I happened to look at the bottom of the stairs where the hallway and other bathroom is. I saw what looked like an older woman with glasses staring up at me and as soon as I noticed her she disappeared.

I haven’t seen her since but my guess is she heard my bedroom door open and didn’t expect me to look down there with my flashlight (I carry my flashlight around to avoid any mishaps going down the stairs at night epically since the upstairs bathroom is located right at the edge of the stairs). – fireball

paranormal encounters
An older woman stared at me and then disappeared (


The house I’m living in now was built in 1917 and was populated by a lone old woman who was kind of a hoarder, so every room that wasn’t the master bedroom was just filled with junk, like big extra closets. Well I’m in one of those rooms, and I was the first person to live in this house before school started – my other two roommates came about a month after I moved in. I decided to celebrate the move by smoking a bunch of weed and exploring the house, even the creepy basement full of shit from 1940 and beyond.

I don’t get spooked too easily, so exploring was not scary, but later that night I was chilling in my room with my head against the wall and I started hearing some strange noises. They seemed to be coming directly from the wall, and they sounded like moans and faint screams that were swirling in a big circular motion. I got the chills immediately, but I didn’t lift my head from the wall. instead I just relaxed and listened to these sounds for a little while longer, imagining they were some ghosts from worlds beyond or something. After I had enough of that, I went downstairs to get something to eat before going to bed. Upon entering my room, however, I saw something in my walk-in closet that stopped me dead in the doorway – with the lights off in the room I saw what looked like the figure of a little girl standing in the closet and facing directly at me.

I knew there was no little girl standing in my closet, and I knew that my guitar case was propped up against a bunch of junk in there… but goddammit, it looked exactly like there was a girl standing there and looking at me. My mind even had that weird sensation of thinking somebody was watching me. Everything about the house seemed to make sense at that point.

I don’t know if it’s just my crazy imagination or if this house is harboring ghosts, but either way I was immediately humbled by the experience. I turned on the light and got my guitar from the case to play a few tunes in the house I would spend the next year in. It definitely felt like somebody was listening to the songs I was playing, but I was okay with that. – ChillFave


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  1. I lived in an apartment with my 1 year old. There were the classic footsteps, voices, toys going off, but I blew it all off until one terrifying night. My daughter was asleep in my bed, and I had just gone to bed when there was a loud BANG on my door. I open the door, and her elephant push toy was blocking the door way. It had moved from 6 feet away halfway down the hall to hit the door with force. I grabbed my daughter, packed her up, and went to her father’s house. Nope. I had it blessed and everything stopped for a while.

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