The Mystery Behind The Zone of Silence

A desert patch near the Bolsón de Mapimí in Durango, Mexico is considered as one of the puzzling sites in the face of the earth. The desert patch is well-known as the Zone of Silence because it is devoid of radio and communication equipment signals and other extraordinary activities.  

zone of silence
The Zone of Silence is a desert patch in Bolsón de Mapimí, Mexico (

The Mapimi Silent Zone is a flat terrain four hundred miles away from El Paso, Texas. In July 1970, the US Military ran a missile test containing radioactive cobalt-57. The missile was hurled toward White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. However, it veered off and crashed into the Mapimi Preserve.

The US Air Force sent a team of covert specialist to retrieve the wreckage. The search went on for almost three weeks. When they found it, they transported the debris as well as a heap of soil for analysis.

Few years later, the Saturn boosters from the Apollo projects crashed in the same area. Another military operation was handled in the Zone of Silence. The tight security of the set-up sparked speculations among locals.

The residents near the Zone of Silence believed that the desert patch was a special land.  Stories told that no radio and communication apparatus signals can penetrate the area and conversations of other people cannot be heard. Also, there were reports of sightings of very tall people in silver tight suits.

zone of silence
There are continuous meteor showers which locals called guijolas in the zone (

Experts who studied the zone are puzzled with the unique properties of the area. They discovered high levels of magnetite in the Zone of Silence. The area also is a hot bed for meteorite activity. Scientists observed that there are continuous meteor showers which locals called guijolas.

Specialists surmised that the soil in the area has a high unusual magnetic properties that attracts metallic particles from outer space. In fact, in 1969, the largest meteorite ever found on Earth fell in the Zone of Silence. The huge meteorite was called Pueblito de Allende. Some rocks and pebbles have high traces of ruthenium, rhodium and technetium. These rare metals are not naturally occurring elements.

zone of silence
Vegetation in the Zone of Silence has bizarre shades and sizes (

People who wander in the zone reported seeing strange lights, orbs and bushes on fire. Similarly, they said to have witness fireballs that change colors and fly at great speed. Two ranchers also said to have witness a floating fluorescent light from the sky. The fluorescent light forked out humanoid occupants.

Aside from meteor showers, strange lights and UFO, vegetation in the Sone of Silence has bizarre shades such as bright purple or violet cacti and some strange, unusually outsized plants. Animals are also uncommon. The malformed version of the desert tortoise displays triangular shell patterns while wild coyotes and desert lizards are unusually large.

The Zone of Silence rests north of the Tropic of Cancer and south of the 30th parallel, which places it in the company of a number of other planetary anomalies including the Bermuda Triangle.


Source: Atlas Obscura   Creepy Pasta   Altered Dimensions


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