Scary Workplace Ghost Stories

Workplace is considered a second home and most people are attached to it while alive. Some people even after death seem to continue going to their workplace and make their presence known. Sometimes, the office is haunted not just by former employees but by other ghosts.

Here are some scary workplace ghost stories.

workplace ghost stories
There are ghosts in the 25th floor (youtube grab).


I was working as a receptionist at the 29th floor and one of our jobs is to assist clients to 25th floor office where meeting rooms are located. The elevators of the building are located in the middle of each floor, 3 elevators on each side and on the left and right sides are where you can pass to go to other offices. Only a part of the 25th floor is ours, beside it is another office facing the elevator hallway/lobby. Across this is an empty office.

After I have assisted the client to the assigned room, I went out to wait for the elevator to go back to 29th floor. I was alone and was facing the empty office when suddenly I heard someone say “Psst!” I turned around to see who called out and saw the office behind me was empty but the lights were on, the guard was just not around. The office was enclosed with a glass door so it can’t possibly be someone inside. I thought maybe someone was making fun of me so I just continued to wait. When suddenly I heard another “Psst!”… I turned around again saw no one, I started to get scared and slightly panic. Finally I went back to 29th floor and eventually forgot what happened. I did not tell it to anyone until one day…

One of the oldest helpers, we call her Manang, went to our area. We were 3 receptionists there and two of my colleagues decided to have a small chat with Manang. She told them that someone in the office saw a ghost (again). She also told them that they should get used to this because there are ghosts in the building. I was just overhearing what they were talking about. What caught my attention was this, “Lalo na sa 25th floor, marami don, mayroong mahilig manutsot (the Psst! Gesture in tagalog) don lalo na sa mga bago dito sa building.” (Especially at the 25th floor, there are many ghosts there and the ghosts usually do Psst! At new people in the building”

When I heard this, I instantly looked at them with my wide eyes and shouted “Ano? Nung nakaraan lang, may nanutsot sa akin sa 25th floor after ko maghatid ng client” (What? I just experienced days ago being called out by someone saying Psst! At the 25th floor right after assisting a client.)

We were all scared and since then, I have never waited for the elevator alone at the 25th floor. – JoieAckerman


I worked as an in-house Graphic Artist for a cosmetics company. During the day the office was normally busy and full of people. But at night nobody wanted to work overtime alone. If we needed to do so it was usually by groups of three or four. I’ve heard stories about chairs swiveling on their own, about dark shadows moving about. I found it fascinating since I was interested in the paranormal but I never thought that something strange would ever happen to me.

My boss instructed me to go to the office one Saturday afternoon. Since it was a weekend nobody was there except a security guard. I thought that since it wasn’t at night it wouldn’t be creepy to work there alone. I was wrong.

Nothing happened during the first two hours I was there. The office was completely silent. I decided to play some music on my computer to create a bit of noise while I edited my project. On the third hour something strange started to happen. I heard the sound of running feet, like a pair of rubber shoes squeaking against marble floor. I thought that maybe it was coming from the office next door since the walls were pretty thin. Then I heard the sound come closer as if it was running right in front of me…

Take note that I was the only person within the office. There was nothing in front of me except empty desks and cubicles. The security guard was outside guarding the main entrance. He had to walk through a long hallway before entering the office area. It was unlikely that I was hearing his footsteps. So I stopped the music to listen to it more clearly. The footsteps were still there. It kept running from left to right then back again and it really sounded as if it was happening right in front of my desk.

I don’t get scared easily so I merely shrugged and just upped the volume of my music so I can continue editing the needed files. The running stopped. I breathed a sigh of relief. I honestly thought that maybe I was just imagining it. Then I heard three different voices laughing behind my back. This time, the hair on my arms rose.

You see, there were floor to ceiling windows right behind my back. The office was on the 21st floor. I turned around and saw nothing but the sky outside and a few faraway buildings. I shut the music off. The laughter continued on. That was it. I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. I saved my project to my USB, logged off my computer, grabbed my bag and walked away.

It was company policy that the last person leaving the office must also lock the door. Since I was the only employee in the area, I had to make sure that it was locked properly. I did what I had to do and went on my way. Halfway through the hallway, I heard something click and turn. By this time my heart was pounding faster and faster. I knew I shouldn’t have looked back but I did. The door that I was so sure was locked slowly swung open. There was no wind. Nobody was there. Then it slammed back shut. – mellowfluffy

workplace ghost stories
The footsteps sounded as if it was right in front of my desk (


I recently found a new job in an import/export company. There are five office units and a big warehouse attached where we store all our products. I work in unit C and our lunch room is on the second floor of unit A.

A few of my co-workers who work in the warehouse have been telling me that they have been hearing sounds of someone either walking or running in the very backside of the unit A warehouse. Unit A section of the warehouse is usually dark because we store unpopular items there that don’t sell well. We seldom go there so we turn off the lights.

One day my co-worker heard those footsteps again. She decided to see what it was. She followed the sounds and actually saw what seemed like a little boy running away from her. At first she thought, “Why is a boy in here and how did he get in??” She followed him deeper into the warehouse and he disappeared. –judyhsu0521


I work in an old house converted to an office. Last August my co-workers moved to another building. This left me alone in the building. My office is in the basement. I was perfectly fine with this, I prefer to work without distraction. Before everyone moved out, I never noticed anything odd or any strange noises.

A few days after everyone left, I heard footsteps and what sounded like boxes sliding across the floor. I stopped what I was doing and assumed co-workers had dropped in to work on old files. Then I realized I had not heard the alarm that signals an open door. I sat and listened to footsteps and shuffling noises for about 10 minutes. I went outside and checked the parking lot – no one around. Went upstairs and no one was there.

I had a couple more similar experiences over the next few months.

Two weeks ago I was out of the office and two co-workers came by to look at security tapes. They sat down stairs and heard footsteps. The maintenance man went upstairs to let whoever was in the file room know they were leaving and to check the alarm. No one was upstairs.

This time both of them heard it. I felt somehow vindicated. Other people have reported laughing and voices. — moneymeister

workplace ghost stories
Our office was THE coldest one in our hallway (


The building that we work in is the former site of an elderly care facility. Our non-profit resides in one half of the complex, while a mental health care crisis provider resides in the other half.

Since June 3rd, when I and my office mate started working there, we noticed that our office was THE coldest one in our hallway. BUT, here’s the kicker, it’s not entirely cold all the time. In fact, my corner of the office is by far the scariest. I feel cold go through me, I can literally see the papers on my desk ruffle lightly, but the air vent to the office is not pointed at my corner. So, what I do, because I totally respect the spirit world, I don’t acknowledge it in any way. I accept that there is a presence in that office, and quite frankly, that office has been the presence’s home far longer than I have resided in it. I just keep my handmade crochet sweater on the back of my chair, and I bring in a long sleeved shirt to toss over me, should I need it.

The only times I do get bothered by my spirit friend, is when he/she likes to play with the tea bag string in my cup! When I’m drinking it! And I don’t know if I’m really liking feeling touched. Like my hair or my shoulders. I do get goose bumps, but I don’t pull away. It’s almost like my spirit friend is my grandparent and is kinda trying to keep me company.

My office mate is totally freaked out, he does NOT like feeling that way, and he calls out of work at least twice a week to get away from it. I think because of his anti ghost complex, he’s making it worse for himself. While I don’t get messed with much, he comes to work to find trash on his desk, things from the recycling bin out in the hallway in his drawers, his chair is messed with, etc….And it’s not the janitors that do it. Because they don’t come into the rooms, we set our cans outside the doors when we leave, and we lock the offices up, for security of the HIPPA information we have in there. It’s an INTERNAL JOB.

I told him, dude, you need to stop being a verbal jerk to the spirit. You might want to apologize to him/her for your behavior dude!

My office mate just moved offices today, and I’m alone in there. My boss wants to move me into another office that has an empty desk, with everyone else. I kinda actually like my office, ghost and all. — dtzy2bblnd


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