Hell Hath No Fury like the White Lady

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned goes the saying. No one is as dangerous as a woman rejected in love or has been offended by a husband or a lover. Even after death, a scorned woman may go back to haunt the living in the form of White Lady.

white lady
The woman would usually show herself in white dress (cargocollective.com).

One famous legend is the story of a young woman who fell in love to a handsome man. They had two children but the man refused to marry her. He left her for another younger lady. She was furious and killed her two children before committing suicide. After her death, her ghost returned to look for her children and asked forgiveness.

Legends say that the woman would show herself in evening dress, soaking wet who flags down a car for a ride and disappears. The lady is also said to show up in a house, near a tree or in a bridge. Some say she is crying or very angry, a friendly spirit or a harmless one, depending on the stories.

Here are shared accounts of White Lady encounters.


Well, first a little backstory, this happened about two years ago, during late fall. It was particularly rainy that night and I was home alone. I was fully awake and reading a book on one side of the couch. Now, my home is set up so that it is divided into two by a wall, one side has the bedrooms and bathroom, and the other side the kitchen and living room. When you first walk in, you enter the living room, straight ahead is the kitchen, if you enter an opening in the wall to your left you will find yourself in a short hallway connecting bedrooms on either end, between them and slightly off from the opening is the bathroom. The couch sits so that it faces the TV and the opening to the hallway.

I was sitting on the end that directly sits across from the opening. I was reading and not even remotely thinking about ghosts, but then I caught a slight movement out of the top of my eye.

I looked up to see what can only describe as a ghost. I still remember her vividly, she wore a white dress/gown, had long blonde hair and had a prominent “Roman” nose. She didn’t have feet, instead she ended in a sort of misty stump. She floated through the hallway to one of the bedrooms, my mom’s to be precise where she vanished into the darkness.

I had seen ghosts before, of course, but I had never seen one so vividly or so close (I was about 10 feet from her). The next morning I tried to “debunk” the sighting, there was nothing in my house that could account for the sighting, no objects that could create a reflection, no windows were open, nothing. If a shelf that she passed by was any indication, she was about six feet tall. – AustinHinton


My brother and me were walking down the same place when he noticed a white blurry thing float by. I laughed at him when he told me what he saw but then I saw a white figure giggle. My heart thumped and I clutched my brother’s hand. Suddenly someone tripped my brother but not me .He got up and screamed at me to run away. He did too. I now know we had encountered the white lady. – kayroo

white lady
The Lady in White giggled, too (nydailynews.com).



I am sharing three experiences with you in this story because they all coexist with each other.

The first one is it happened in 2004 at the local park in my area, the park has a cemetery in it. Well in the corner of it back in the distance is an old tree, it never has grass around it or anything. My husband and I went up to his families’ grave and I looked over my shoulder at the tree and there was a woman in white with long black hair and long fingers and no face. I looked again and she was gone. So I asked him about her and we walked over to it, he told me that a woman was hung in the tree for witchcraft, but below the tree and around it are unmarked grave stones of slaves. That was the first part…

The second part is I was laying on the couch in our living room, our house wasn’t far from the park. I was awoken for some reason, I opened my eyes and there standing in front of me is a woman dressed in white with long black hair, long fingers and hollowed eyes. She was bent down looking at me and slowing walking towards me. I covered my eyes and when I opened them she was right in my face…

The third time it happened I wasn’t the only one who experienced it but another friend. We were at his son’s property which is known for paranormal and ghost sightings. I happened to look up and saw the same woman sitting by the pond, she slowly moved closer to me and then vanished. But the same night my friend saw her, it bothered him like it was trying to possess him. The only way he could get her to stop was to play Christian music and pray out loud.

I always had a connection with spirits seeing them and hearing them ever since I was little but nothing like this. Does anyone have any idea what this means about the woman? She doesn’t hurt me or anything but she now follows me sometimes.  –Ghostly Presence


Source: Unexplained Mysteries   American Folklore   Ghost Mysteries

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