Strange Dreams That May Leave Us Uneasy

Dreams are series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that ensue usually involuntarily in the mind during sleep. These dreams turn out to be peculiar if they put us confused. Meeting a stranger or dead family member in strange dreams may leave us feeling uneasy and uncomfortable.

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Dreams are mysteries of our mind (


This dream was more of a waking dream…as I was laying down but waking up, and I got an image I could see as clear as day in my head…like a memory that had just happened. I am sitting in white/light tan sand, and I can see the water off in the distance to the left. To the right is higher sand hiding something. It’s a place I have not been before. I smell the hot sand and salt water. There is a man leaning over offering me his hand. He is dressed like a male who is Greek. Like a male Himation. He wears blue with white and yellow details. He is speaking to me but I can’t understand him. It sounds kind but worried. It is muffled and distant. I can hardly look up because the sun is right behind him and it is blinding me. I grab his hand, but he turns into sand and dust as I come back to reality. — Chewbecca42


Since the past couple of weeks, I have been dreaming of encountering this total stranger who would appear and repeatedly ask me why I left him and married the man whom I married. This guy in my dream is in no way familiar, nor does he bare even the slightest resemblance to anyone I have ever known personally. I have no idea who he is.

He’s quite handsome though, and has a very warm disposition. At first, I had this dream two nights in a row, the moment my head would hit the pillow! And then there was a gap of a few days. And then the dream started recurring again, during regular intervals. Same thing each time.

The same guy pleading with me for an answer as to why I have broken all my promises and ditched him, and how I could marry someone else etc.? In a few of those dreams he even had tears in his eyes and seemed really heartbroken. He desperately keeps saying “He’s not your soulmate, I am. Don’t you remember the deep and loving bond we once shared? How could you forget me like this?” Even I’d be driven to tears, and feel a deep sense of guilt (within the dream). – Blossom

strange dream
Dreaming a stranger may leave us uneasy (


I recently had a dream (very lucid and conscious one that is) where my uncle (died when I was 7) who I barely knew appeared in this bright light of consciousness. He told me that I was one of the few open-minded people in my family and that it was easiest to contact me. He told me to pass on to his closest that he was fine and that everything was ok. But he warned me that I might be rejected by some family members since they are very Christian and will instantly go on the Satanic occult bandwagon. Probably one of the most peaceful dreams I’ve had.

Woke up crying actually… We weren’t even close. I have a few vague memories of him. Yet it had such an impact on me. – Nostradamus


My father passed away last March after losing to brain cancer. Me and my father had a good relationship most of the time and I loved him very much. After he passed away I had a hard time dealing with it. I’m young guy (21 at the time) so guys will know that we deal with things like this by just closing ourselves up and not talking about it or brushing it off like it doesn’t bother us. But I spent many a restless night crying and pining for my dad.

That’s when the dreams started. Almost on a nightly basis, I would have very vivid dreams of my father in a variety of different circumstances: the doctors brought him back to life (most frequent dream), he never died in the first place, or he travelled through time back to me. In each of the dreams though it seemed very natural for him to be there.

A few months after he passed I was very depressed and at the peak of my grieving I have a dream that my father calls me at home. He sounded like he did when he was healthy and had the same mannerism in his speech patterns. We talked on the phone for a long time and basically he told me that he was better now and didn’t hurt anymore and that he wanted me to stop being so sad because he wanted me to be happy and live a good long life. He then said that I would see him again one day, but that he would always be with me. We said goodbye and I hung up the phone and then I woke up.  — Jericho X

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I will always be a Daddy’s girl (


My Dad passed away 11 years ago this Oct. I am 29 years old now and was and always will be a Daddy’s girl. I have dreamed about him many times….

I dreamed that I saw my Dad die again….only in a different ways. My family and I was with Dad when he died. But in my dreams I am the only one with him.

My dreams:

One time I saw him in a car going over a cliff. When I got to the bottom he was already dead.

Another time I saw him in bed, he had burned his hands (don’t know how). I was trying to wrap his hands when he closed his eyes and passed away.

I have also dreamed that he was attack by alligators (this dream was before he died). This was my childhood nightmare!! I dreamed this dream for years!!

I have prayed to see and talk to my Dad in my dreams. But I never do in the way that you all have. I would love to know that he is at peace. I did feel his presence once. I was driving (alone) one night, feeling scared for some reason and had a feeling that something was going to happen. I was miles from home. I said (out loud) “Daddy, I wish you were here”. A few seconds later….I felt he was in the seat beside of me!! A deer jumped in front of my car and don’t ask how I missed it because I have no ideal. Only thing I remember was seeing it in front of me and then next thing I know it’s behind was barely missing my front driver side bumper. It was like something picked the deer up and moved it out of the way. — Paula_KY


Source: Dream Views   Duncan Russel   Alien Hub

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