Odd Phone Calls

Here are shared stories about the creepy and odd phone calls people received in an unexpected time.  


So I have (since November) been receiving multiple times a day (until around 2am) calls from multiple different mobile numbers that play strange recordings in a loop when I answer. The recordings themselves are very odd, one sounds like a bum dialed call and I can hear driving and people talking in background but then becomes obvious is playing on a loop when it repeats the same thing… another is like a siren in the background but with sounds of shuffling as if someone is holding the phone but then it stops for a sec and repeats…. The mobile numbers are always different and when I call most back they say the numbers don’t exist… One number did connect to someone but they were adamant they hadn’t tried calling me and to be honest I believe them.

It’s really scaring my daughter and really I’m getting quite worried too. They don’t stop and we receive sometimes up to 20 calls a day. Once I left it connected to our landline to see how long they’d say on the phone for, and then the phone upstairs rang with the same type of call!!! – klashkid

creepy phone calls
Sometimes people received creepy calls (ranker.com).


Many years ago, when married to my first husband, I received a telephone call at about 4:20 a.m. It was my elder brother telling me he had just gotten married. The call woke up my husband and I spoke with my brother for about five minutes. I hung up and went back to sleep.

About a week or so later, I was visiting at my mother’s home and this same brother was there with his wife. I thanked him for calling me… and I got this odd stare and his mouth fell open. He told me he had called our mother, but he had never called me at all. I turned to my mother and she related the entire conversation she had had with him, and then I related the entire conversation I had had with him – and these conversations were literally identical and at the exact same time. – Barbara


I was asleep one Sunday morning and heard the phone ringing. I tried to wake myself enough to answer it and when I did… it was my father. I was stunned. He had a big voice, like James Earl Jones, so there was no mistaking who it was.

He asked me how I was doing. I’d just had major surgery a few weeks earlier and was in recovery. He asked me if I’d heard about the death of two people. I told him I hadn’t. He told me that things would get better and to hang in there, he loved me and he had to go. When I hung up the phone, it was as if I stepped from another level back into this one. I immediately called my siblings to tell them daddy called! My father called on September 13 – the second anniversary of his death. – Michelle

creepy phone calls
Strange call comes in an unexpected time (cacadoresdelendas.com).


So a few weeks ago a guy starting to call at my house. The first time he called my father picked up the phone and the guy asked him to speak to me.

When I said: Hi!

He answered: Hi Ma’am I’d like to speak to X (my name)” (so he didn’t know my voice).

I reacted quickly and replied: He is not at home now. Sorry!

The following day he called again at the exact same time and my mum told him not to call again because there’s no one by that name in the house. Fortunately she managed to write down the guy’s phone number and gave it to me. After I did my research I found out that he lives five blocks near my house but the creepy thing is that I don’t know anyone who lives on that street.

Note: I have never shared my phone number on any site (not even on Facebook) – Elvenpath


Once, I got a phone call from a man claiming to be Officer Morrison with the Police Department, and a neighbor had called the police to report a man with a knife was seen coming into my house. He sounded authentic.

I lived in an apartment, and the front door was wide open, because my husband can’t shut a door properly to save his life. I slammed the door closed.

This mutard “Officer Morrison” then proceeded to recite this sick fantasy about the man wielding the knife stabbing me, carving up my face, cutting the panties from my body…by this time, I’d recovered from my shock and hung up.

After a few minutes of just sitting there trembling, I finally called the police. The dispatcher knew all about “Officer Morrison”. Apparently, they’d been hearing about him for years, and wanted to catch him badly, but he’d never called the same place twice, and never stayed on the phone long. – Merry Mab


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