Teresita Basa: She Who Solved Her Own Murder

When Chicago firefighters responded to a call on the night of February 21, 1977, they thought it was an ordinary fire. But when authorities inspected an apartment building at 2740 N. Pine Grove Avenue, they found the body of Teresita Basa consumed by fire covered with a mattress. But what hit them was the kitchen knife stabbed on the chest. It was a murder scene.

Teresita Basa
A murder case was solved by the victim itself (theregister.co.uk).

The victim, Teresita Basa , 47 years old was a respiratory therapist from the Philippines. She worked at the Edgewater Hospital in Illinois, Chicago. She was well-liked by her co-workers and lived alone in her apartment.

The police had no suspect. Investigations revealed no clues as there were no items lost that they knew of and post-mortem indicated it was not rape. They found a note with initials AS but it did not point out to something. The case went cold without leads.

Six months after, a certain Dr. Jose Chua contacted Detective Joe Stachula of Area 6 homicide telling him that he thought he could help the case.

teresa basa
Teresita Basa; Allan Showery (chicagonow.com)

Dr. Chua narrated that his wife, Remedios “Remy” Chua was possessed by the spirit of Teresita. Remy showed transformations such as strange mannerisms and habits that were not her own. Sometimes, she seemed in daze and would sing songs unknown to her.  Remy claimed she saw the ghost of Teresita in the hospital employees’ lounge.

Joe and his partner Det. Lee Epplen were skeptic as they did not believe in paranormal. Dr. Chua admitted that he did not believes at first, however Remy spoke in Teresita’s voice begging him to call the police.

Through Remy, Teresita held that her killer was Allan Showery. Allan went to her apartment to help her fix the TV. But Allan killed her and stole the jewelry that was purchased in France. She pointed out that the evidence was with Allan’s girlfriend. Teresita within Remy continued verifying her presence as she gave names and telephone numbers of individuals who could identify the jewelry.

Upon investigations, Allan was an orderly in the same hospital where Teresita had worked. Police also questioned his girlfriend, Yanka Kamluk who admitted that Allan gave her some jewelry. Teresita’s family members recognized the jewelry. Allan confessed to the murder.

According to his admission, he went to Teresita’s apartment to rob her. When she let him in, he grab her and stabbed her with a kitchen knife. He hauled her body and removed her clothes. He got the mattress from the bedroom and put it on top of the body before setting it on fire.

The case was brought on trial on January 21, 1979. Although, the judge allowed the psychic testimony, the trial concluded in mistrial because the jury’s vote went deadlocked. While awaiting new trial, Allan pleaded guilty.

Allan Showery was convicted and sentenced to 14 years in prison for murder, arson and robbery.  He was released in 1983 after only serving less than five years.


Source:  Chicago Now    Dark Hauntings


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