Frightening Accounts of Sleep Paralysis Experiences

Sleep paralysis is a sensation of being conscious but incapable to move. Web MD describes S-P as when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. Some people may also feel pressure or a sense of choking. Here are accounts of frightening sleep paralysis experiences.

sleep paralysis
Sleep paralysis passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. (


When I was little I had a dream that I was trapped in a hospital room on a hospital bed, and couldn’t move. I was screaming in the dream but couldn’t actually make any noise. I woke up screaming eventually, but couldn’t move for a while, like I was still stuck on the bed. Again, a little less than two years ago, I had a dream that I drove my dad’s old school Mustang off a cliff and as I fell my body went numb and my ears started to ring. When I woke up, my body was still numb and my ears were still ringing, then slowly the ringing subsided and I was able to move again. Terrifying feeling. — Dune


I get it when I have had too much sleep. The only time I was really freaked out was when I thought I could hear chatter in the background, then I could feel someone lay next to me sleeping, the quilt just moving with each breath.

I could feel the weight behind me in bed, snoring. I started to panic as I knew no one was out in house. Eventually I woke up and moved back slightly to feel no one there. Took me a while to get back off that night! — Amber Lyons

sleep paralysis
Sleep paralysis is a sensation of being conscious but incapable to move (


In mine, I was sleeping on my back on the bed, which is a position I almost never sleep in; but for some reason I felt it was comfortable that night. Just before I awoke, my eyes were open (literally), but I was still “dreaming”.

My fiancé was sleeping next to me, and I could see her with my peripheral vision. I was really seeing what I was seeing, as my eyes were open, but my brain was still “asleep”, and was producing dream like images as well, over top of what I was seeing in reality.

I saw a dark figure rise up from the end of the bed (where my feet were). It slowly came up, black, drenched hair over a female body (think the exact depiction of The Ring girl, but more like 18-20 years old, and still petite). I couldn’t make out a face at all, as the hair was over her face. Knotted and wet, as if she just came from rotting in some kind of bog. I tried to grab my fiancé, as it was so vivid that I thought it was real, but I couldn’t move, and felt helpless. I was so paralyzed that I couldn’t even move my eyes, so I was stuck staring at this creature, who was staring at me, breathing, but not moving. I had to use my peripheral vision for everything.

My daughter, 16 years old, came up the stairs and into the washroom. Remember, though, the room was what I was seeing in reality, everything else was still the dream.

I attempted to scream out her name, so she could run away for her safety, as this creature seemed very dark and dangerous. So my daughter closed the bathroom door, and didn’t hear me (because I was paralyzed and couldn’t even groan).

That very instant is when I realized, “I’m dreaming!”

I don’t have a daughter! (I’m 24). Once I came to that realization, I instantly became totally conscious. The creature was gone, and I felt quite relieved. — Slorigan


Mine are a lot more evil than that and usually not on my body. My last experience was a demon in the corner of my room (behind me where I couldn’t see) speaking some sort of gibberish.

Other times its things walking toward me totally Jacob’s ladder style as in they move toward almost hyper speed but very slow and their legs don’t match their movements. A lot of the time if it isn’t a demon, it’s someone I know, but they’re possessed. Often laughing at me. – Alex Pee Keaton

sleep paralysis

A demon was speaking some sort of gibberish (


I experienced SP a few years ago. It started when my family moved into their first home. I was asked to make my room in the basement (there was a finished bedroom). The basement however creeped everyone out. The previous owner had a mentally challenged son and I guess he had whacky moments while in the basement and carved crosses into all the walls and drew them all inside my closet with crayons. The basement was also the only part of the house with metal crosses hanging on the walls and the only part with pictures of Jesus.

I’m not very religious or anything, but it seemed clear that the owners were scared about something in the basement.

But yeah, it was in that house that the SP started. I would start to fall asleep, start to hear a weird rumbling sound, would feel like I was sinking into my bed and suddenly my body would no longer be able to move. During the transition I would sometimes fight it. But it was incredibly difficult to break out of it.

A lot of times when I found myself paralyzed, it was just a case of seeing the room in front of me while hearing the rumbling sound.

One day when I was lying in bed, I could hear my family start to move about upstairs. I was lying on my side and noticed a small child at the foot of my bed. I figured it was my little sister. I turned to yell at her but the figure kinda faded away.

Some days later I had another SP attack. This time, while in the SP state, I saw, once again, a child at the foot of my bed. This time I saw him very clearly. I tried looking away but obviously I couldn’t move. He kinda just smiled at me and stood there for a little while. Off to the side I could notice a huge shadow consuming the right side of the room. That’s when it got really scary for me and my body seemed to snap back to life. As soon as I was able to move, the shadow and the child vanished. — Ricochetmatt


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  1. Oh I have MILLIONS. I think I suffered with this since I was like 5 yrs old. My eyes used to be wide open during it and I was able to count inside of my head to kick myself in order to wake up. Now my eyes remain closed. Once it felt like someone was literally holding my head down. I have seen myself sort of looking down at my own body. I have seen a man inside of my home,and once I was able to pull out of it, I ran into the room I saw him enter and he wasn’t there. — Shared by Markisha Anderson from

  2. I had a very strange but vivid dream once: i dreampt that i was eating a giant marshmallow…… when i awoke, my pillow had gone… 🙂

  3. I once dreamed that i was peeing, when i woke up,… well, you knew what happened 🙂

  4. Hahahah. I’m pretty sure everyone experienced that one Dreamer.

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