Frightening Ghost Stories Shared by Students

Here is a list of frightening school ghost stories shared by students. These scary encounters with the paranormal happened in their schools which they considered as haunted.


school ghost
Schools are good place for ghosts to haunt (moviepilot,com)


I was in college back then when this happened. It was already 10 pm when we were finally done copying our Principles of TV final project in a cd to be submitted the next day. We were in the 5th floor of Cannisius Building in Ateneo de Davao University. As far as I know, this was one of the oldest buildings in the campus.

When we finally bid the rest of the guys goodbye, we went out Mass Com Lab and shut the door behind us, only to be greeted by a virtually dark and eerie scenery of our campus at night. The air was unusually cold though we didn’t pay attention. It must be (well, it has to be) the wind since the trees are swaying anyway.

Conrad, the oldest, led the group towards the corridors. We walked hand in hand, pacing slowly as to avoid stumbling upon something since it was virtually dark, save for the street lamps outside the school. We were almost near the flight of stairs leading to the ground floor when I looked up to the adjacent building (The Finster building). There by the rails, stood 3 tall, dark and shadowy figures. One was leaning by the rail, the other one beside him and the 3rd one, creeping behind the first guy. The funny thing is, they didn’t have any face.

Always the oblivious one, I pointed at them and said “Our school is being robbed! Look!” All looked up to the direction I was pointing. Conrad immediately grabbed my hand and we all ran downstairs in a state of panic. Though I felt the hair at the back of my neck stood up, I still managed to look up and look at the 3 creepy figures who I knew were looking at us as we descended the stairs. Whatever they were, I still can’t figure out who or what they were and what they were doing I the 5th floor at 10 pm.

It was a good thing that the 3rd floor was lit up and there were guards roving around so we were escorted to the elevator. I knew nobody wanted to talk about what we saw back then but I just had to ask what those guys were doing there at this time of the night.

“Dre, if they’re robbing the school, they should have just broken into the cashier…” “What are they then?” “Alam mo na kung ano yun… Huwag ka nang magtanong (You already know what they are… Don’t ask me…)”

Now, surely… Stories like this no longer surprise our former schoolmates. Being one of the oldest campuses in Davao, AdDU (both the Claveria and the Matina campuses) are teeming with ghost stories from haunted bathrooms down to ghost portals in one of the building. My cousin, a few of his classmates and a college professor has already fallen victim to the ghost portal. It was rumored to be in the 5th floor men’s comfort room in the Del Rosario building. Anyone who comes in past 6 pm or when it’s really dark already sometimes finds himself teleported to the other building. — dreadreadrea


It was the second week of the semester that I was working here as a student assistant in the University Archives. It was a Wednesday night, and I was re-shelving books and materials in the first floor stacks. It was really quiet and I was the only person in that area of the building at the time.

I was almost finished and was pushing the cart along when I happened to turn my head and look down one of the stacks. When I turned my head, I saw something that caught my eye for just a second and then it was gone. At the end of the stack I saw what looked like a woman in a dark dress round the corner quickly.

I didn’t stop to look or go back to see if someone was actually there. I knew I was alone. Instantly I thought my mind was playing tricks on me and I had just seen something that wasn’t actually there. That night the same image kept running through my mind and I was convinced that I knew what I saw.

The next time I came into the archives to work I learned that I wasn’t the only one who has reported strange sightings and sounds in the archives. Whatever or whoever it was I saw, I would really like it if they would at least say hello next time. — Kenny

school ghost
I saw a woman in a dark dress round the corner quickly (youtube grab).


This happened when I was living at the hostel in Sophia High School, Mount Abu, Rajasthan. My friend and I decided to bunk class. Since we weren’t allowed to go out of the school, the huge washrooms would be our Mecca for gossip. The washrooms were very dingy and dungeon-like, descending towards the basement.

I went inside a loo and my friend was waiting outside the door for me. Suddenly, the light went off and it became pitch dark. My friend said she would wait for outside, at the loo entrance. “Don’t worry Himanshi. I’ll call your name and you can follow my lead,” she said.

Just when I was figuring my way out, I bumped into someone and held ‘her’ arm. “Hello? Who is this? I can’t see you,” I asked the dark figure whose face I could not see, but got no response. I tried again: “Are you a junior? A senior? Have you also bunked class?” I kept asking, but my voice was the only one that I could hear. Why was she not replying to my repeated questions?

I could hear her breathe, so I was sure somebody was there. I shook her arm vigorously, trying to get her to answer. It shook like there was no body attached to it! A chill ran down my spine and I sprinted my way out howling, still trying to figure out what had just happened. There was nothing that could possibly be suspended right in the middle of the washroom. It was an arm.

My friend waiting outside said she was standing there the whole time and that nobody had gone inside. Meanwhile, the lights came back. Still scared, I went inside with my friend, but there was no one inside. Not a single soul. — Himanshi


Now I was always a skeptic of the hauntings at Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA until I had a firsthand experience while practicing in Weber Chapel (organ student). I always practiced late at night (sometime after midnight to sometimes 4am) because I liked the dark quiet chapel to concentrate. I had called my roommate to come pick me up to walk back to our dorm together and she said she’d be right over.

Part way through a hymn I hear the door open and close and footsteps across the floor of the stage. I keep playing my hymn wanting to finish it before we left. I see out of the corner of my eye someone standing in the front left side of the organ. I say, “Let me just finish this hymn” and finished the piece. I turn to look at my roommate to see a young girl who vanished right in front of me as I made direct eye contact. I blinked a few times looked around and called my roommate. She hadn’t left the late night coffee shop (Charlie’s) yet and apologized.

I told her I would pack up and just meet her there. I never practiced alone in Weber chapel ever again.

Women’s Choir would meet in Weber Chapel and there were always electrical issues in there. Lights would flash, go completely out like a bulb blew but then come back on 5-10 minutes later. Our director at the time made a comment about how “she” liked the music. We asked him who “she” was and he just pointed to the dimming lights above us. I regret never asking him if he saw “her” and how he knew it was a “she.” — LadyMelantha

school ghost
I see out of the corner of my eye someone standing near me (


My school is located in Pasir ris. There are a few situations where i have come across the ghosts. Actually I can see them at times since I was 12.

1) During the first year, I was in the soft ball team and NPCC. Every time our class has home economics class, those who are in the NPCC are the only ones that hear a sobbing voice in the class. There once when the teacher was doing a demo how to give the baby a bath, the false baby that she was holding cried.

2) Then during a camping for the softball team, we were then allowed to use the home economics classroom which is at level 3 for our cooking. Then when everybody was crowding in the room, I was out alone at the corridor….then I saw her. She was a girl around my age, but strange her uniform were very dirty and torn. Then through her eyes, I saw nothing but sadness. The next moment she was at the level 1….calling out to me asking me to come. Then the next thing I knew, my classmate slapped me. Then she told me she saw me crossing over the metal bar and about to jump.

Soon after the school reopens which is in 2 weeks’ time, another gal from the express stream started screaming and crying in the home economics class. Then she fainted.

3) Then during one of the NPCC camp that we have when in secondary 3, 3 of the gals including me were trying to sleep on the desks that we placed together, and we slept without lying on our torso meaning heads down. Then I could hear a voice asking me to get up. I was scare and did not listen.

The next morning, one of us was having very high fever, then I thought about that and ask my best friend, she said she heard the same thing. So the other gal must have listen to the voice.

4) During the 4th year, it finally our turn to organize a camping for the juniors. As I have problems sleeping, I went to the 3 days camp after chalet of 4 days without sleep. I offered to do security duties for all my other NCOs. So I lead my juniors by batches per hours. Different batches per hour, at 11pm everything was fine until 12.15am, the lights on the level 4 computer room suddenly lights up even though the room is locked.

The juniors asked me how come the lights are on, I lied that that my OC just went up to type her report. The next day, I spoke to the teacher for computer club and confirm that the room was locked. — Jusgal


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