Devil’s Tramping Ground: A Mystery Spot

A mystery spot baffled many including scientists is found in a forest near Harper’s Crossroads in Chatham County, North Carolina. The spot is called Devil’s Tramping Ground, a refined infertile circle with about 40 ft in diameter. 

mystery spot
Devil’s Tramping Ground is one of the mysterious spot on Earth (

The site is a perfect circle where no plant life, not even a weed grows inside. Popular stories held that hunters’ hunting dogs refuse to enter the grounds and their horses become fearful near the circle. Any piece lay within the circle inexplicably vanish or get moved.

Reports claimed that some campers tried camping in the Devil’s Tramping Ground. When they woke up, they found themselves few miles away from their tents.

Another trippers tested the mystery of the ground as they decided to stay awake the whole night. However, they narrated that a sweet singing voice hushed them to slumber. They, too, woke up way from their tent.

Another story maintained that two animal trackers spent the night near the circle. They noticed a strange man with a melting face appeared while seeing shadowed figures in the tree line.

The Devil’s Tramping Ground is said to be a favorite place for satanic rituals.

Local believed that Tramping Ground is where the Devil expend his nights walking back and forth in circle as he contemplates on how to bring chaos to mankind. As he walks in his remote spot on earth, his cloven hoof slays the vegetation and reduce the soil unproductive.

Scientists attempt to explain the mystery surrounding the Devil’s tramping Ground. One notion said that horses used in a mill caused the creation of circle. Another theory states that the place is used as sacred place for rituals. However, the theories cannot clarify the infertility of the land. The NC State Department of Agriculture took a sample of the soil and found out the area is totally sterile.


Source:  Haunted Histories    North Carolina Ghosts

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