Role Reversal: Man Bites Animal

Here are cases of role reversal where man bites animal.

Man Bites Snake

man bites animals
Ranthu Oraon bite a poisonous snake Common Krait (

A role reversal when a man bites a snake to death transpired in a district in India. However, the man also died a day after.

Ranthu Oraon, 50, a resident of Bariyatu in the eastern state of Jharkhand was awakened by a commotion in his neighborhood. He investigated and found out that a poisonous snake Common Krait caused panic. He rushed to the scene and captured the snake with his bare hands. He bite the snake until it was dead. He left the dead snake and went back to sleep.

However, Oraon collapsed later that day while he was working at a local store. He was brought to Carmel Asha Kendra hospital to receive medical care but doctors were unable to save him. It was found out that Oraon was bitten by the Common Krait but failed to notice it since the bite was painless.

Man Bites Dog

A Staten Island man refused community service after convicted of biting his dog. Moshe Sharon argued that he like biting his 6-month-old Yorkshire terrier, Shakshuka to show affection.

However, on November, 2015 Sharon had gnawed the dog harder than he thought. The bite resulted to hematoma that required surgery. He later brought the dog to St. Francis Animal Hospital.

Sharon was arrested February 2 on a charge of torturing and injuring animals.

Police received complaints on December, 2014 when a man was seen biting a dog in Gloucester. Report said that the man was spotted hitting a brown and white Staffordshire bull terrier before sinking his teeth into it.

man bites animals
Sharon argued that he like biting his dog (


Another report involving a Staffordshire bull terrier happened in Huthwaite in 2012.

Mark Else, 23, was bitten by his dog named Ellie. He retaliated by throwing the animal out of the house then dragging it back again. He put the terrier in the bath and bite a lump out of its ear when the animal showed distressed.

Else then put the dog in a cage downstairs and admitted himself to hospital because he wanted to undergo a mental health assessment.

The dog died the next morning. Investigation showed that she had been underweight, had fractures to the liver and was bleeding from the left ear which had been partly torn off.

Source: Weird Asia News  NY Post   Telegraph

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