Haunted Teddy Bear Moves on its Own

Teddy Bear was named after American President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. It was in November 14, 1902 when Roosevelt went hunting near Onward, Mississippi. However, he had not located a single bear unlike the other members of the hunting party.

haunted teddy bear
The toy seemed to sit up and moved on top of the child (dailymail.co.uk).

His assistant cornered and tied a black bear and suggested that Roosevelt shoot it. He refused because he viewed it as dishonesty. The story of the incident spread out and inspired toy maker Morris Michtom to create a stuff toy to honor the President.

Over the years, Teddy Bear is a much well-regarded childhood friend and playmate.  It is impossible to think that this childhood toy might take a life on its own and display its dark side.

Recently, a footage surfaced on the net showing a Teddy Bear appearing to move on its own. The video was taken by an infra-red monitor during the middle of the night. A little girl was sleeping beside a Teddy Bear. Then slowly, the toy seemed to sit up and moved on top of the child.

The strange incident was taken in India, according to the person who posted it on Youtube. Those who watched the clip said they were spooked but many claimed it was fake.

However, ghost hunter and paranormal investigator Gina Lanier said she has encountered many haunted objects such as paintings, jewelries and furnishing and even toys like the Teddy Bear.

During her investigations, Lanier concluded that the possession of the Teddy Bear transpires over a long period of time. For the years the toy is the constant companion of the child, the Teddy Bear begins to take on the energy that becomes a force that attracts other residue energy.

The Paranormal Investigator added that “if the child and his toy live in a home that already has an established history of paranormal activity, this may begin to use the toy as a conduit to manifestation.”  Lanier held that although the toy may not move on its own accord but the combination of high concentration of energy and external anomalies might cause the Teddy Bear to take “a life of its own.”


Source:  Daily Star  Gina Lanier   Mirror


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