Guests Reveal Haunted Hotel Experiences

Here are narratives from hotel guests who lived through frightening occurrences as they stayed a night or two in a haunted hotel.

haunted hotel experiences
With the light on we examined the bed (youtube grab).


I have been traveling a lot this year. I have probably spent over 40 nights at various hotels across the country since January and the year isn’t over yet. In an average year I probably spend 20 or so nights in a hotel. I have also lived in an apartment for the past five years that I think is haunted.

Even though I believe my house is haunted and I have spent a lot of times in hotels this year I never once stayed at a hotel that I thought was haunted until last week. I got to spend 10 days at the Mirage Resort in Las Vegas. I love Las Vegas. I try to go every year and for the past several years we have stayed at the Mirage.

Our room faced the famed Las Vegas strip with marvelous views. When we entered the room I immediately felt a little odd like I had received an electrical shock but wrote that off as static since Vegas is so dry. For a few days nothing really happened except for occasionally finding things in the room that were not ours (like a fortune from a fortune cookie laid out on a suitcase), the thermostat was turned way down one afternoon after I complained about always coming back to a warm room, and we had a feeling our stuff have been moved. Again we just wrote it off-probably housekeeping moved stuff, right?

About 3 days into our trip we fell into bed exhausted after a day of walking up and down the Las Vegas strip visiting other resorts and having fun. I just turned off the light and started to say “good night” to my husband when it felt distinctly like someone sat down on the end of the bed. I could feel that the mattress and covers were depressed. I sat up and turned on the light and it felt like whatever was there stood up at that moment. It was freaky. With the light on we examined the bed and could find no reason for the weird sensation of someone sitting on the bed. — angrywhitechick


Recently took a trip to Khon Kaen. Upon arriving late into the night, I checked into a 400 baht dive a few clicks drive from the bus station. This place was old and creek.

I walk in the room and dump my bags and turn on the idiot box. The Fashion TV channel was on. So feeling in the mood, I decided to feed the chickens. A minute past, I saw something in the corner of my eye from the mirror. I get up and in clear view was an old Thai man looking at me from across the room but when I turned around, no one’s there.  — tingtongdingdong


We were headed to Ubon but it was getting late, so we stayed at a 400 baht hotel in Surin. My friend found a bag in his room so he brought it down to reception where I was waiting. We talked to the hotel owner, my friend in English, I translated.

Me (in English): What’s happening?

Friend (in English): I found this bag in my room.

Me (in Thai): He found this bag in his room

Manager (in Thai): It belongs to the previous tenant

Me (in English): He says it belongs to the previous tenant.

Friend (in English): Is he coming back? I don’t want him coming back in the middle of the night

Me (in Thai) is he coming back?

Manager (in English): NOOOO not coming back

The manager’s face was in absolute shock, never before had I seen someone with such pure fear in their eyes.

(It’s clear that the previous tenant had died, and the staff was too afraid to move the bag). — wprime

haunted hotel experiences
I ignored the muffled voices as it possibly people in the hallway (


With my frequency of nights in hotels increasing, I guess it was only a matter of time before I found myself in a haunted room.

I stayed at the Westin LAX last weekend for 3 nights. Yes, it is an older Starwood property that lacks appeal but the room was clean and the bed was comfy. My first night was fine but the second night I woke up at 3am to strange noises.

At first I heard muffled voices that sounded like an argument, so I ignored it as possibly people in the hallway. Then it sounded like someone was showering in my bathroom! I got up to look around and didn’t see anything so tried to go back to sleep. A few minutes later, the speaker phone next to the bed turned on and I heard a dial tone… Again, I dismissed the strange occurrence as possibly I had bumped the phone. However, it happened 4 more times! I would lay down turn the lights back off and the speakerphone would turn back on with a super loud dial tone!!

I unplugged the phone and slept with the lights on the rest of the night and moved rooms the next day. When I told the front desk what happened they actually seemed concerned and took some notes on what happened. I thanked them for not laughing at me, because, I didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy. — Cowbell2011

haunted hotel experiences
The hotel staff’s face was in absolute shock (


I booked a 2 day at Holiday Inn Express without knowledge that the hotel was haunted. There was no disclosure to me about it.

I got attacked at about 4:30 AM on my first night by a ghost who slapped my thigh first then jumped onto me (locking both my thighs) and locking both of my wrists (my door was well secured with the dead lock as well as the metal strap).

Eventually after the incident and at the end of my stay, I got the chance to speak to 4 employees and they all (100%) acknowledged that something was up / creepy / including a shadow in the business/computer room. — Wnwin4all


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