Creepy Ghost Encounters

To see is to believe comes an old adage. Non-believers might not have experienced an encounter with the unknown but for some who do, they have something to share. Here are creepy ghost stories and encounters that send shivers down to the spine.  



I had the eeriest experiences as a kid that left me with no room to deny the existence of ghosts. I lived in my Grandma’s house my entire life until I was 14, but oddly enough, I had my first paranormal experience when I was 11.

I remember sitting on my bed, during the afternoon, occupied with something, with my diary open behind me. I began to hear pages turning. (Keep in mind my windows were shut and there was no fan) I turned around to see that my pages in my diary were flipping on their own in slow intervals, like the spirit or whatever it was, was skimming through the text. I stared at the book as the pages continued to turn, as it took me a few seconds for it to register, ****, this is really happening! I was spooked, but not as terrified as I should have been.

Oddly enough, I didn’t feel any negative energy and I didn’t feel unsafe. I just snatched up the diary and put it back on my shelf.

A year later, I had another experience. I was standing naked in the bathroom, talking to my grandmother through the door. Right in front of me, I watched the eye hook jiggle and unlock right in front of me.

I yelled and told my Grandmom what just happened, but she never believed me. I came to find out that my siblings had very similar experiences, but the adults didn’t.

My brother had told me that he was lying in bed trying to sleep and his stereo turned on full blast, waking up our Grandmom. She ran up the stairs and yelled at him, but there was no way to make her believe that it was him. — Alexweldon8

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The World Trade Center (


My sister works at the WTC site. She is medical, and treats any onsite injuries.

Anyway, she recently told me some of the ghostly things that go on at this place. Now before I go into this I should note that she use to not even believe in ghosts, and in fact was the kind of person who would laugh at people who did.

Anyway she says most of the stuff happens in the bathroom of her trailer. It has a very loud flush, and often times will go off when nobody is in there. Now this isn’t a high-tech one with sensors and all. You have to push the knob for it to flush. Same with the hand drier. It goes off on its own, and again you have to push a bar, no sensor.

Now the more creepy stuff. She works overnights, when basically nobody is working, and she is the only medic on duty (thus always alone in this trailer). Often times when she is using her laptop, someone will bang on the side of the trailer, but nobody will be nearby. On several cases she has looked up only to see someone looking in, or walking by the window who she doesn’t recognize. And again, when she goes outside nobody is even around. Also it’s a hardhat zone, so it can’t be someone pulling a trick, because figure never has a hardhat on.

Other things that occur is she hears voices all the time, but can never really pick up what is being said, or she will just hear a single word, and one night her trailer started shaking for about 30 seconds. — Rawboard Ghost


This incident happened today on 19th April 2016 around 2:30 am.

My husband was driving on highway 11 between Hearst and Kkapuskasing in Ontario, Canada. He was driving through a particularly isolated part of the road, there were no houses or gas stations for several miles. He was driving at around 100 Km/h when he heard a sound similar to a small rock hitting the car’s wheel. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw a man suddenly appear on the back seat right behind him.

He blinked and rubbed his eyes, thinking it may be just an illusion but he was still there. Their gaze met in the mirror but he said nothing. He described the man as someone in their late 40’s or 50’s, with long black hair, black eyes, black lips and chalky white complexion. My husband was really brave as he held on to the steering wheel and concentrated on driving as he was worried he might get into an accident.

The man sat still for at least half an hour, then he grabbed my husband’s hair gently and held on to them for several minutes. After this the same sound was heard again and the man vanished. He stopped his car at the next gas station and checked his car thoroughly but found nothing. — K Sek

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He looked in the rearview mirror and saw a man on the back seat (youtube grab).


It happened about 6 years ago now. I am in my late 40’s now and I am still scared out of my mind thinking about it. It happened on my brother’s farm, in South Africa in a town called Meyerton. We were renting the old farm house from him. The house was about 100 years old, this I found out by the neighbors that have been living in the area for more than 50 years later on.

A few months that we have been living there I started to feel like someone is watching me especially when I am getting undressed or dressed in the morning or night and that this thing is glaring at me and I could feel the angry vibes towards me. So I started to dress in the bathroom and not in my room anymore. At night when I am in bed the dog stands on one corner of my bed and then starts growling at the corner of the room and her back hair is standing upright, this goes on for some time until I look straight at the corner where she is barking and demand whatever is in that corner to go away, then the dog stop growling and lay down and sleep. This goes on for some time, but the worse is still to come.

One night about midnight something woke me and as I looked over to the window I saw the scariest evil face and only a face coming through the curtains and coming towards me, the next moment I could feel something is pressing down on me and hold me down on the bed, I could not move or breath for that matter, I was frozen… I do not know how long I was frozen in that state but all I could think of was to pray to GOD and I was thinking “GOD PLEASE HELP ME” and the next moment I was released and I could move… my dog jumped up and ran out of the house when this happened and did not want to come back into the house. I was so scared and very, very cold I asked my son to come and sleep with me in my bed WITH THE LIGHTS ON. I did not sleep alone in my room again. — Maryke van Rooyen


This happened when I was 22 years old.

I was working in Chennai during that time. I came along with my friend Vijay from my home town Vellore. I was forced to stay in his rented bachelor house because, the place I reside was more distant and also buses were not available during that time.There were more than 5 of my friends staying with Vijay. Since that is a mild summer time so, we all slept in the roof.

I don’t know the time exactly but, it must be around 3AM in the morning. I felt some disturbance around me. I was turning around having trouble in sleeping. Suddenly when I opened my eyes, I saw a black long hairy thing combing my friend’s hair with its hands. He was asleep. I was death shocked but, I didn’t shout. I was in death fear. I was even afraid to move because, I thought that if I move it may hurt me.

Suddenly something happened and all I could see was milky white. I was afraid that I became blind. Am sure that black hairy thing would have noticed me seeing it. After 2 minutes I opened my eyes again and that black hairy thing was gone.

To describe the black hairy thing. I couldn’t see its face. The hair was long such that it covers its entire body. — Allen Marsh

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The girl who lives in the wall, she scares me (youtube grab).


When my wife and I bought our first house, an old Victorian style built in the 50’s, almost every night we heard what sounded like a kids footsteps running down the upstairs hallway and other random sounds. My wife mentioned it to one of the neighbors and they said it was probably just peacocks on the roof – the house backed up to a conservation area where wild peacocks lived and they would occasionally get up on the rooftops. That answer made sense so we basically got used to it and eventually ignored it.

Less than a year later our son was born, and when he was one he would balance all of his toys on top of other toys and made them spin – literally found the center of balance of various toys and would walk in a circle around the room giving each a gentle touch to keep it rotating, it was the weirdest and coolest thing I had ever seen.

When he was 2 or 3 we would hear him talking in his room at night, and one night I asked who he was talking to. He said “Tracy”. I asked who Tracy is, and he says “the girl who lives in the wall. She’s usually nice, but sometimes she scares me.” He described a girl with brown hair in a yellow dress who would play with him sometimes, and occasionally wake him up at night but he didn’t seem bothered by any of it, just startled sometimes. He would talk about her once in a while but it wasn’t a common occurrence.

A couple years later we had added on to the house and moved the master bedroom downstairs, switching the kid’s rooms around. Our youngest was now in his old room, and about ready to transition from crib to toddler bed. She had always been a sound sleeper but she cried almost every night in that room. Her first night in the toddler bed we heard a loud thud followed by screaming and rushed into the room, thinking she had fallen out of bed – she was on the other side of the room. Got her calmed down and back to bed and it happened again the next night, so we ended up switching the kids rooms back and they were fine.

We looked up the history of the house but didn’t find anything about any missing little girls or anyone with the name Tracy that had lived there. Eventually our son stopped talking about her and a few years later I ended up taking a job with another company and we moved.

The house was empty for a few months after we moved and the neighbor across the street called my wife one day, said about a week after we left she thought she saw our daughter looking out the window so she waved to her – and then she remembered we didn’t live there anymore – Anonymous


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