The Secrets of Room 428 in Wilson Hall

A room in Wilson Hall was closed and off-limits to students and to anyone who happens to wander inside the Ohio University. 

Wilson Hall
Room 428 is in the fourth floor on West Green in Wilson Hall (

The room 428 is in the fourth floor on West Green in Wilson Hall and is considered “not fit to live in” due to unexplained happenings inside the apartment.

Wilson Hall was built in 1964 and named after a chemistry professor at the university, Hiram Roy Wilson. The building was purposely a living quarters for students. However, the once ordinary residence hall became infamously haunted after 10 years.

According to stories, a student died a mysterious death inside the room 428. Since then, occupants of the hall experience strange occurrences. The door of the said room would open and close on its own. Students saw things hovering and crushing against the walls. Mysterious voices could be heard and demon-like faces would come into view in the wood grain of the door.

Another death contributed to the hauntings at room 428 when a female student occupied the area. She was known as an occult follower. Legends said she attempted to contact the dead but it resulted to a gruesome death. The university management decided to close the room and no one was allowed to use it.

By analysis, experts discovered that the Wilson Hall was built at the middle of five cemeteries that formed a pentagram.  In ancient occult, a pentagram is a symbol for magic and powers while to a pagan tradition, it is a place of protection.

Another legend held that the residence Hall of Ohio University was constructed on the grounds of an Indian cemetery.  Upon further inspections, it was also found out that the site was also the location of an early cemetery of the Athens Mental Institute.

Wilson Hall
Wilson Hall was built on the cemetery grounds of Athens Lunatic Asylum (

The Ohio University was established in 1804. In 1874, the Athens Lunatic Asylum opened its doors. It was said that the hospital performed procedures to its patients such as lobotomy and electric shocks.

Aside from room 428 at the Wilson Hall, many buildings in Ohio University are disturbed by unseen forces. Ohio University is not only considered as one of oldest universities in America but also one of the most haunted places.


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  1. The pentagram 5 pointed star symbolizes the elements, earth air fire and water and the last symbolizes spirit, but that doesnt fit your scary agenda does it?

  2. Hi. Thanks for the information. Actually, you are right, according to philosopher Pythagoras the five points of the pentagram each represent one of the five elements that make up man: fire, water, air, earth, and psyche.

    Pentagram is a religious symbol used in many cultures and religions such as ancient Pagans,ancient Israelites, Christians, magicians, Wiccans and others. and that pentagram is the upright pentagram – a 5 pointed star with one point aligned upwards.

    The inverted pentagram – with two points aligned upwards is a symbol of Baphomet. The inverted pentagram is a Satanic symbol.

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