The Mystery of the Ouija Board

The Ouija Board was advertised as a magical board game for the family.  The word Ouija is a merger of French and German words for “yes.” The Ouija Board, also referred to as talking board got its patent in 1854 through the efforts of Adolphus Theodore Wagner.

The flat board has letters arranged in two semi-circles above the numbers. The words “yes” and “no” are in the uppermost corners while the word “goodbye” is in the bottom part of the board. A planchette is use to operate about the board.

Ouija board
The Ouija Board was the result of spiritualism obsession (YouTube grab).

The game involves two or more people sitting around the board while placing their fingertips on the planchette. The players will ask questions and watch if the planchette will moved from letters to letters spelling the answer.

Historian Robert Murch is confounded on the origins of the Ouija Board. He believed that the board was the result of spiritualism obsession that started in Europe and spread in America in 1848. Spiritualism belief revolved in the idea that living can communicate with the dead.

With the response of the consumers, Ouija Board became favorite board game. However, it was not spared from the criticism of several Christian groups including Roman Catholics. Religious criticism has also voiced opinions that the Ouija board is a tool of Satan.

Dale Kaczmarek mentioned that the spirits often contacted through the Ouija board are confused and may have died a violent death. “Therefore, many violent, negative and potentially dangerous conditions are present to those using the board. Often times several spirits will attempt to come through at the same time but the real danger lies when you ask for physical proof of their existence,” he said.

Here are some stories where playing the Ouija Board brought sinister presence.


Ouija Triggers a Poltergeist

This happened around 2002 in Potsdam, Germany. I was 11 and this was my first experience. My sister, who was 12 years old, decided to try an Ouija session with little self-made cards on which the letters were drawn, a table and a glass. She and two classmates were in the living room of our little apartment. (My mother had an Ouija experience when she was young and was fine with my curious sister’s idea, and she took me and my little brother to the kitchen to not disturb my sister.)

We waited for some minutes in there. I stared lazily at the door to the corridor. The door was mostly glass and I could see everything that was going on behind it. Then I saw a person walk past the kitchen. He could only have come from the living room and seemingly was heading for the exit. I was puzzled. First, the “man” was pitch-black and as tall as an ordinary grownup. Second, there was no audible sound of the living room door, nor footsteps. He could not have been there. I brushed it off. I believed my mind was playing tricks on me.

Then my little brother, who sat across from me, asked, “Did you see that shadow, too?” I was astonished and we shared impressions.

Shortly after that, my sister and her friends came into the kitchen and stated that the session just ended because the spirit left. This was the start of paranormal activity around us. Even as we moved on to another house it went on. Because of my sister’s innocent curiosity in the Ouija board, our home became haunted.

It started, in most cases, when it got dark and our parents went to sleep, so they never witnessed anything and thought we were kind of nuts. It was hard. Lights switched on when my sister and I headed for a dark room. (That was actually polite of the spirit!) There many things, from shadows, to lights going on and off, to knocks on doors, to doors that flew open, to footsteps and cold spots.

There was also an extremely nasty smell in one of the bathrooms. It came without warning and quickly left. It was clear that this was no “normal” smell that you could imagine existing in the bathroom. It was like something foul had lain in the tub for a long time. Once, something pushed on my mattress from beneath while I was lying on it and reading a comic.

When we were 16 and 15, it all ended because we started to ignore every unnatural occurrence. We had no nerve or power left to stand any more of this game. Fortunately, the spirits cooperated and I haven’t seen or felt any more paranormal activity. – Jeannette K.

Ouija board
The spirits often contacted are confused and may have died a violent death (


Ouija Board’s Evil Spell Still Lives in Our House

I invited a foul horror into my house with an Ouija board. My brother and I got no results when we started to use the psychic device, but suddenly the message indicator mysteriously began to move. The first thing the board told us was that the message was being sent by Seth. Then I made the tragic mistake of telling the board to prove it was real by doing something supernatural. The results were startling and scary. The board told us that the grandfather of one of my best friends would die in a week. The chandelier in the room began to shake violently and the chimes rang like pieces of metal being smashed together. The room became as cold as ice and we were shivering, though the thermometer read 70 degrees. The horrible stench of death filled the room and we couldn’t stop gagging and coughing.

Suddenly, the noises stopped and the room was as quiet as a cemetery in the middle of the night. My brother and I looked at each other in terror. We opened the windows to get rid of the stink or rotting flesh and told each other we’d forget the whole thing. But a week later the grandfather of one of my best friends died just as the board has predicted! And from time to time the chandelier would rattle, the room freeze and that awful smell return. I couldn’t take it anymore. I threw the board away and told my mother about the experience. She told me that once you tamper with an Ouija board, its evil spell will remain forever. And to this day, those terrifying tremors shake the house and the stench of death fills the room. – Robert Stamper


My Mom is obsessed with Ouija

My Mom, got involved with the board when I went away for about a month. You see I was the fourth child and kind of the loner. I was the one that went to church and had a strong belief in God. When I got back from being away everyone but my mom greeted me outside and all were very upset and hurt. They tried to tell me before I greeted my mom, but when I saw how she looked and how she came up to me, this was not my mom. This woman was a stranger to me.

I went up to my room, and very tired from the trip, I laid on my bed and fell to sleep. When I got this feeling that I was being watched, I opened my eyes and staring down at me was my mom. She was smoking in my room which she never done before and she just gave me this look that frightened me. She told me that “I was protected”. Looking up at her, I said, “I knew that I was and that God watches out for me every day.” She laughed and said that I was protected but it was not by God. And I told her that I did not want protection from anyone but the good Lord himself. She got nasty with me and left my room.

That night I heard a party going on downstairs. I looked at the clock and it was one in the morning so I got up and went downstairs, peaked around the corner and the plastic piece on the board was going by itself and several different voices of men and women were coming out of my mom. My mom could not get by a minute without asking this board what to do first.

Ouija board
My mom told me I was protected but it was not God (

I think what bothered me the most is my dad would not do anything about it, or my older sister and brothers. One afternoon I came home and it was so bad that I fought with her and I went out and burned it. That was a mistake because what I saw coming out from the fire was not fire. And I remember it so well. I moved out.

My mom bought another board and lived with it until she died in 1996. My dad went to the place that she had stored it, but it was not there.

My mom and I worked things out and she seemed to get better, but she would not give up the board. She left me this haunting and I have to live with this. I have lived all my life with spirits and ghosts and they don’t bother me. But the board I don’t like it. I know first-hand how it can take over people’s lives and you are right to say it is a door-way for things to come through. I am still working through this and if any of your readers want to know first-hand, you can share this with them. – Pam Frost

Source: Smithsonian

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