Peculiar Circumstances of Missing Time

Although science takes great attempts to give explanations to many things, still there are areas that experts are short of justifications.  One phenomenon is the missing time. The occurrence is a break in conscious memory with a specific time phase. The gap can cross a few minutes to few hours, even days.

Here are stories shared by people who experience missing time.

missing time
Experts are puzzled over missing time phenomenon (



My husband and I stayed a night at another couple’s home that they had just moved into a week before. We slept in a sparsely furnished area of the basement.

The next morning, my husband and I got into a disagreement about something silly, just before he left with his pal to go to the store. I decided to go back downstairs and take a nap and try to cool off. It took me awhile to fall asleep as there were other people upstairs and they were not quiet, esp. kids on hardwood floors directly above me!

I heard my husband and his friend return from the store. Twice, as I lay there trying to drift off to sleep, I thought I heard the basement door at the top of the steps open and someone start to come down. Both times I turned over to see who it was, expecting my husband. No one was there.

Finally, I fell asleep. About 2 hours later, I went upstairs to see what everyone was up to. My husband and a few others had left for a boat ride. When he returned, we left for home. On the way, he asked me where I had been. I told him I had been in the basement sleeping. He told me I had not been down there. That he had gone down when he returned from his trip to the store (to see if I wanted lunch) and I had not been there. He said he had walked to the bed and lifted the covers and it was empty. He said someone else had gone down to go through the back door to the backyard, and that person had not seen me, either. He then left for a boat ride assuming I was still mad and was in one of the bedrooms upstairs.

I thought that was the end of the story, but the next night, my husband brought it up again. He was (and still is) very serious and adamant that I was not there, that he walked right to the bed, pulled the blankets up, and it was empty.

I am very serious and adamant that I WAS there, as I NEVER left the bed the whole time between him leaving for the store and returning, and leaving again for his boat ride…not once hearing him or anyone else come downstairs for any reason. I am a light sleeper, esp. in a house I don’t know well, with a lot of commotion just above me.

We both are very curious about this…while he says he wants to believe me, he still thinks I up and left for a while to make him wonder, because I had been peeved at him, although I have never done that type of thing before. And I am frustrated that he would think that. There’s no reason for him to say I wasn’t there if I really was. There’s no way I would get up and, say, wander a neighborhood that I’ve never been to before, and then lie about it to make him mad. That’s just childish, and I don’t play like that.

We’ve never been in a situation like this where we are accusing each other of being deceitful or exaggerating, but that’s almost what it has come to. The whole thing would almost be laughable if it wasn’t so strange, and if we both weren’t so serious on where we stand on the issue.

Not only is it just freaky, but it has caused a bit of a rift between us. We haven’t talked about it in a few days, as we’ve agreed to drop it without any answers, but I am still totally confused as to what to think!  — jlmartin74

missing time
He said he had walked to the bed and lifted the covers and it was empty (



In the summer of 2012, a simple trip to Home Depot changed the way I look at reality forever! I’ve been thinking about the details of that event ever since.

A friend of mine and I decided to put up a tile backsplash in my kitchen one weekend. Saturday morning about 9am I went to Home Depot, 20 min away, to pick up a tile cutter for the job.

When I got back my friend was super angry because he said I had been gone for 8 hours or more. I said that’s impossible and that I had been gone maybe an hour. I explained, because I was able to pick up the tile cutter almost immediately, hopped in my car and left. Standing there in the kitchen, I looked at my watch which was stopped at 9:43am, the clock on the microwave said 5:17. I then looked at and showed him the store receipt to prove when I checked out it said 9:40am. For the life of me I can’t account for the missing 7 or so hours. — Guest

missing time
He said I had been gone for 8 hours or more (



That happened to me once too, I left my grandmother’s house at like 5 o’clock to walk home (which is only maybe 5 minutes away) when I got home my parents were freaking out asking where I was and I was so confused cause I had only just walked up the road, turns out over 4 hours had past and they didn’t know where I was the whole time… Even though I don’t remember anything but just walking up the road. — Connor Dwyer-Power



My experience is totally different. Without insulting anyone, I am one of those people, “show me and I believe you otherwise leave me alone”. I am also an engineer, both programmer and electronic. Therefore, I am very precise and a man of routine. You can set your watch by my activities. I am a non-believer (God, heaven, Hell, angels, devils, Ghost, Monsters, Dracula, paranormal etc etc etc) so here is my story.

My routine for the last 3 years, drop the kids at 8:00 am at school, join the motorway at 8:07. Arrive at work 8:45. If the motorway is really bad I am at work at 9:00 am.

One day, I left home as normal (My daughter can verify it cause she had an appointed with the dentist). I dropped my boy at school at 8:00 am. Drove as normal to work (A journey I’ve been doing from the last 3 years). Arrived at work, but the parking was full which is unusual. So I drove round the block until I found a parking space. I looked at the time and it was 9:35 precisely. I was shocked out of my pants. It is impossible. It does not take me 1:30 hours to get to work no matter what speed. I did not see anything, nothing strange happened, there was nothing of extraordinary. It was a day like other day.

The fact is I was driving on the motorway at 70mph. Any distraction would cause a multiple car accidents. And had I stopped, the police would have been there in a jiffy. Had I overshot the exit I would end up somewhere I don’t know and I am a lousy navigator and hence my precise routine. I never stop at services, or petrol as I do or prepare everything before I leave. So I have 45 minutes unaccounted for. There is no way I was driving slowly, it is not my nature. If true this would have caused a lot of troubles specially the line of trucks behind me. The route is used by trucks a lot on the left lane (UK slow lane|).

I am healthy and very fit, the car is very fit. I clearly remember the journey, nothing happened as every day. I have a missing ~45 minutes and it is driving me nuts. — Georges

missing time
I was driving with two other friends in the car (



My name is Joe, and my whole life I have had paranormal experiences that I have come to wrap my head around at least somewhat, but this experience took me over half a decade to get some answers for.

One night I was driving on the freeway with two other friends in the car. We were driving through downtown Oakland, California. The next thing we knew we were no longer driving. Frantically looking for landmarks, we soon realized we were some 45 minutes away, in a parking lot for the Great America in the South Bay Area. Super confused, and concerned, we drove home, discussing it for no more than a few minutes. Curiously, I never thought about this event again until one night when I was watching a video about an alien abductee. I started thinking really hard as to if I had ever had a missing time experience. I came to the conclusion I didn’t, until hours later, this aforementioned event came back to me. — Joe Cerletti

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  1. I’ve had blocks of “time” missing at various points in my life; a GREAT Deal of them around the age of 12. (Pre-Puberty…) coincidence??? I’m not so sure. My “Body” says, not! My menopause phase, has been unique even by the Dr standards…I never fear these missing “time blocks”. I actually feel peaceful afterwards.

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